Lakeview Solar Farm Inc. Partners with Ameresco Canada Inc. for Ontario Solar PV Construction

Lakeview and Mariposa selected Ameresco Canada Inc. as their construction partner because of Ameresco's proven track record, experience in the solar industry, and their competitive pricing.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(July 31, 2012) - Lakeview Solar Farm Inc. and its affiliate, Mariposa Solar Farm Inc., are pleased to announce that they have selected Ameresco Canada Inc., a leading provider of energy management and renewable energy solutions, as their construction partner for a 44-megawatt Ontario solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) project portfolio to be submitted for re-application under the FIT 2 regime.

David Tanko, Lakeview's President, said, "We believe Ameresco represents a winning construction partner for our $150 million portfolio of solar projects, all located in central Ontario adjacent to good transmission connections. These projects can create new jobs, tax revenue for the municipality, and income for Co-operative and Aboriginal investors."

"Ameresco Canada is excited at the opportunity to engineer, procure and construct projects of this magnitude," said Anthony DaSilva, Ameresco Canada Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Once the projects are underway, we expect these installations to have a positive financial effect on their communities, while promoting and supporting environmental stewardship."

Lakeview and Mariposa selected Ameresco Canada Inc. as their construction partner because of Ameresco's proven track record, experience in the solar industry, and their competitive pricing. "We will benefit from Ameresco's significant expertise in successfully building and commissioning solar photovoltaic projects in Ontario under the OPA's FIT program," said Mark Bell, Mariposa's Director. "And the Ameresco Canada project completion support should provide great comfort to debt and equity providers interested in funding our project portfolio."

Lakeview and Mariposa are successful developers who partner with landowners and work in close co-operation with municipal officials, First Nations and other community groups to maximize the benefits and success of their utility-scale, renewable energy projects. Their management team has extensive experience in energy project development and a substantial track record of project financing success.

Ameresco Canada, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ameresco, Inc., is a full service energy management company that provides sustainable solutions and facility renewal services to new and existing facilities, as well as asset planning and energy and capital solutions to customers in the education, public housing, federal and provincial governments, municipalities, healthcare, industrial and commercial sectors. Ameresco Canada strives to present their clients with state-of-the-art renewable and sustainable solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources and reduce dependence on costly, non-renewable solutions by utilizing green design and construction as well as clean technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, landfill gas, biomass, biogas and hydroelectric. For further information, visit

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