DEGERenergie reports very successful half-year Continuously growing demand for MLD tracking technology

Worldwide keen interest in efficiency and economic viability – strong trend towards self supply and decentralized solar energy generation

Horb am Neckar, Germany, August 07th, 2012. DEGERenergie has achieved outstanding results in the first six months of 2012. The demand for its MLD technology has considerably increased in almost all countries where the company is active. MLD stands for "Maximum Light Detection". With more than 49,000 systems installed worldwide in 49 countries, DEGERenergie is the global market leader for solar tracking systems.

The superiority of a technology could hardly be documented more clearly: In many countries, DEGERenergie has surpassed turnover expectations for the first six months of the year. For the coming months, the company expects a continued rise in demand for its MLD tracking systems.

Sales Director Rainer Ott, in charge of DEGERenergie's global sales: "Going against the general trend in the solar sector, our MLD technology business is developing extremely well. This is for two main reasons: On the one hand, word of the quality and excellent yield of our systems quickly spreads. On the other hand, investors worldwide are more than ever aware of the importance of efficiency and economic viability in times of falling feed-in tariffs. In this respect, MLD technology is simply unbeatable, with on average 45 percent higher yield than fixed modules."

A particularly strong rise in demand for MLD tracking was registered in several European countries. But also from other areas, DEGERenergie reports good or very good business results. In some cases, the company has achieved results 50 percent better than expected. Rainer Ott: "We had planned a quite solid growth – despite the crisis atmosphere in the sector, which had already started to build last year. We are even more pleased that we were able to surpass expectations."

In July, DEGERenergie counted 49,000 systems installed worldwide. This corresponds to a yield of around 250 megawatts. "Our order books are nicely filled," Rainer Ott is happy to announce. "Until the end of the year, a worldwide total of 50,000 DEGERenergie MLD systems will generate clean energy directly from the sun."

Independent from public grids
and rising electricity prices

According to DEGERenergie's observations, more and more individuals, companies, public institutions and municipalities tackle the energy turnaround themselves. "Their goal is to become independent of the public grid and rising energy prices in the long run," says Rainer Ott. "Some investors count entirely on our MLD systems. Others install both fixed systems and our tracking systems, to gather comparable data of their own. This way, in particular municipalities and public institutions want to create a reliable basis for future investment decisions."

Against this backdrop, particularly the market for smaller systems and self-supply units has undergone a positive development in the last months. "The path to a mass market for systems for decentralized electricity generation for self supply is clear." This not only applies for individuals and medium-sized companies – we are also receiving more and more inquiries from communities thinking about their own solar parks, for example on conversion areas like former landfill sites, in order to take the energy supply for their citizens into their own hands."

For projects like these, MLD tracking is optimally suited due to its high yield and balanced load profile. In contrast to fixed installation, these systems generate a constant level of solar energy over the entire day.

DEGERenergie is the global market leader for solar tracking systems. Worldwide, more than 49,000 DEGERenergie systems are installed in 49 countries. The company is represented in Spain, Greece and North America with its own subsidiaries and cooperates with local distribution and service partners in many countries worldwide. The patented DEGERenergie Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology makes it possible to improve the energy yield of solar power plants by an average of 45 percent compared to fixed systems.

About DEGERenergie (

DEGERenergie is the leading manufacturer with the world's largest product range of single and dual-axis solar tracking systems. The company's market position is based on the unique patented Maximum Light Detection (MLD) technology developed by Artur Deger, which makes it possible to maximize the yield of solar power plants with an "intelligent" control. With the DEGERconecter, the solar modules are always aligned according to the brightest position in the sky with the highest energy yield. This way, the overall energy yield of solar power plants with MLD tracking is on average 45 percent higher than that of fixed systems and this difference is even more pronounced for peaks. With more than 49,000 systems installed in 49 countries, DEGERenergie is the global technological market leader. The company offers its customers all product related solutions – from the development and planning, production and sales to maintenance and service.

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