Georgia Solar Installers To Host Emergency Preparedness Event In September

As residents in the Gulf Coast area brace for Hurricane Isaac, one Georgia-based solar company plans to educate others on emergency power systems using solar power and others steps to take to prepare for a grid-failure or related disaster that disrupts power.

Solar Energy USA, a national design and installation firm located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is pleased to announce an upcoming emergency preparedness event.

Prep Fest 2012' is a free disaster preparedness event designed to educate the public on steps to take when preparing for a grid-failure or related natural disaster that disrupts power.

The event announcement comes at a time when residents of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas all brace for the effects of Hurricane Isaac which is expected to wreak havoc among Southeastern states on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Over 2.6 million Gulf Coast homes and businesses were left without power for extended periods of time under the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Cody Garrett, a Solar Energy USA energy consultant involved in planning the September emergency preparedness event said that the event is designed to serve as a public forum for the increasing level of interest in off-grid and emergency power systems that combine solar panels with battery storage and gas generators. According to Garrett, "At Solar Energy USA we get a number of calls each week from preppers' who want peace of mind that they will have access to power in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event which brings down the local power grid."

In August of this year about half of all residents of India, or around 600 million people, lost power in the second major failure to the country's power grid. One month earlier storms disrupted power to millions of homes across the mid-Atlantic United States and Washington D.C.

Prep Fest 2012 at Solar Energy USA will feature a variety of talks and tips related to disaster preparation including emergency food and power systems, solar energy systems with battery backup, container homes, water reclamation, and other off-grid living essentials.

Prep Fest 2012 is a free public event. Guests are asked to RSVP via the company's event page on Facebook.

For more information on Prep Fest 2012 at Solar Energy USA visit the company's website or call 800-831-4238.

About Solar Energy USA

Solar Energy USA is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic solar panel systems, solar thermal systems, solar attic ventilation, and energy efficient commercial T5 lighting. Solar Energy USA is committed to affordable solar solutions for both businesses and residential homeowners and is backed by a network of engineers and installers across the US which gives them collective data and information of new developments in the solar industry.

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