Now offers whole-home solar power systems to its customers in Southern California

Los Angeles County, Calif. – Fast Solar Services, the latest addition to the Fast Water Heater Company's family of subsidiaries, now offers whole-home solar power systems to its customers in Southern California. Fast Solar Services launched in Northern California in late 2011. Due to its strong success in the Bay Area, the company has expanded its agreement with SunRun to provide solar (photo voltaic) energy systems to residential customers throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

"Going solar makes good sense for the majority of our Southern California customers," said Jason Hanleybrown, CEO of Fast Solar Services. "Because we offer payment plans that require no money down for most homeowners, people who move forward with the switch typically see net out-of-pocket savings right away. They also lock in their energy rates for the next 20 years in an environment where top rates have increased an average of 7-9% every year."

Homes that switch to solar power reduce demand on the existing electrical grid. The average 2,500-square-foot home would require an 8-kilowatt photovoltaic to generate 100 percent of its electricity annually. By going solar, the home's energy production would be equivalent to saving 2,440 gallons, or to planting 45 new trees, each year.

Fast Solar Services and its affiliates conduct 20,000 in-home energy consultations annually, helping homeowners to save money through efficient energy use. For customers who take advantage of SunRun financing, the company owns, maintains, monitors and guarantees the solar panels on a homeowner's roof and the homeowner makes low monthly payments for the power. Through Fast Solar Services, homeowners avoid the high upfront costs of switching to solar and save tens of thousands of dollars over time on electricity bills. Customers can lock in energy rates for 20 years, which protects them from increases to their energy rates over time.

With its expansion into Southern California, Fast Solar Services expects to quadruple its California sales force in the coming months to accommodate anticipated demand. In Southern California alone, Fast Solar Services will help 5,000-6,000 customers each year determine whether solar power is right for them.

"Using energy more efficiently allows homeowners to help make America more energy independent," continued Mr. Hanleybrown. "Best of all, homeowners take control of their energy costs and can lock in their electricity rates for the foreseeable future. Imagine if you had done that with the price of gas fifteen years ago. That's the value we can offer our customers."

About Fast Solar Services (, Fast Water Heater Company ( and Demand Management Installation Services (

Fast Solar Services provides affordable solar installations for residential customers. It is a division of Fast Water Heater Company, which has provided installation and repair of hot water heaters in Washington, Oregon, and California for more than 20 years. All Fast technicians are company employees, not subcontractors, so customers can count on a high-quality experience.

Fast subsidiary Demand Management Installation Services provides program design and implementation for utilities and non-profit organizations aimed at improving energy- and water-efficiency throughout the Western United States. The company holds all relevant trade licenses for energy efficiency analysis and installation, and is BPI certified. Since 2001, the Fast companies have helped consumers and utilities save more than 2 million therms and more than 25 million kWh through energy efficiency retrofits and instant savings measures.

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