"Powered by RevoluSun™" model allows for both start-ups and existing solar companies to benefit from RevoluSun's successful business model

HONOLULU – – RevoluSun Solar Corp. will attend Solar Power International (SPI) September 10 through 13 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida to showcase the "Powered By RevoluSun™" Network. RevoluSun's flagship operation in the State of Hawaii is Hawaii's leading provider of residential and commercial solar systems in Hawaii, and one of the nation's top solar firms, with a reputation for quality and innovation. Participation in the RevoluSun Network will enable both new and existing solar companies to leverage RevoluSun's proven, high-velocity, sales-oriented business model to more effectively compete in their own local markets.

"RevoluSun is expanding to key solar markets in the United States, and attending Solar Power International, North America's largest solar industry event, gives us the opportunity to educate potential partners about the advantages of being ‘Powered by RevoluSun'" said RevoluSun's President Todd Georgopapadakos. "Competition in the solar industry is increasing, with well-funded national players continuing to penetrate the market. Existing solar firms can benefit from joining RevoluSun's network because it will differentiate their brand at national level. They will also gain RevoluSun's sales system, use of its proprietary RiSE™ software, significant buying power and strategic industry relationships. These tools are designed for growth, and efficiency in equipment purchasing, financing products and administrative overhead."

o Membership in the RevoluSun Network solves a series of specific of problems faced by successful solar companies, including: Proprietary training techniques aimed at increasing efficiency of sales efforts, such as shortened training programs, improved closing ratios and one-stop close rates.

o Tracking of hundreds of open projects with minimal staffing through RevoluSun's proprietary RiSE™ solar project management software.

o Lower cost procurement based on RevoluSun volume with savings passed on directly to Network participants.

o Introduction to various financing products to suit a broader customer base.

"We expect to bring a minimum of 25 solar companies into the RevoluSun Network over the next six to twelve months," said Mark Duda, RevoluSun's Vice President. "De novo start-ups immediately can generate brand awareness through the RevoluSun name and identity, drawing on our successful marketing while existing solar companies gain the tools they need to successfully make the leap to the next step."

About RevoluSun Solar Corporation

Hawaii-owned RevoluSun Solar Corp. is a national solar company, requiring the highest quality of service, technology and design in renewable energy. With its extensive network of renewable energy partners RevoluSun Solar Corp. makes entering the renewable energy business an affordable, attractive proposition for sales-oriented entrepreneurs and existing solar companies looking for new ways to compete in their increasingly competitive local markets. RevoluSun also is leading the way in solar franchising by exporting its highly successful business model to cities nationwide allowing more people to join the solar movement. RevoluSun Network companies provide their residential and commercial customers free, understandable energy evaluations, and can instantly generate accurate customized quotes based on a site's energy usage, solar insolation, and structural characteristics using its proprietary RiSE™ software tools RiSE.

For more information about RevoluSun visit or call 808.748.8888.

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Parker KleenVent provides closed-loop solution for wind turbine cooling systems

Parker KleenVent provides closed-loop solution for wind turbine cooling systems

Many 1.5 MW wind turbines use traditional open-loop water/glycol cooling systems. Regular water evaporation in the reservoir elevates the mixture's viscosity, prohibiting cooling of the IGBT and associated critical controls, causing the wind turbine to overheat unless serviced, which in turn means turbine downtime and high maintenance costs. Parker's KleenVent Coolant Evaporation Inhibitor (KV-CEI) is a simple add-on to the legacy cooling system, that eliminates water evaporation in the coolant solution and stops the ingress of airborne contaminants, by enclosing the cooling loop. The KVCEI also removes the need for continuous coolant monitoring during the warm season. Traditional maintenance calls to replenish or rebalance the fluids, take the wind turbine and transformer offline, resulting in significant downtime and revenue loss. Parker's cooling system solution optimizes wind turbine uptime and revenue, reduces maintenance costs and increases overall efficiencies.