Trojan Battery Hosts Energy Storage Workshop for Latin America Distributors

-- Attendees Benefit from Trojan RE Team's Market Expertise

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 12, 2012 - Trojan Battery Co., the world's leading

manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, hosted its distributors from 10
countries in Latin America at its renewable energy training workshop here in
Orlando. These distributors represent the most experienced professionals in
renewable energy in the region, and manage Trojan sales throughout Latin

"By meeting with the Trojan team here at SPI, our company has expanded its
knowledge of deep-cycle battery technology for the renewable energy market,
enabling us to better assist our customers in achieving the best results
from their renewable energy applications," said Andres Carbajal, operations
manager from Soluz Honduras SA. "Working closely with Trojan Battery to
develop programs, define markets, and service customers enables Soluz to
provide the most innovative battery technologies available on the market, as
well as assist them in meeting their specific energy storage requirements."

During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to meet with Trojan's
renewable energy team, participate in technical training, and learn more
about Trojan battery offerings, current global installations and market

"Trojan prides itself on having an extensive worldwide network of
distinguished distributors that provide the localized, dedicated sales and
technical support services that our customers have come to expect from
Trojan Battery," said Dean Middleton, Trojan's director of sales for
renewable energy. "By gathering our distributors from Latin America at the
SPI conference enables them to meet one-on-one with our renewable energy
team and exchange ideas with other distributors in the region. As solar
energy applications expand worldwide, especially throughout the regions of
Latin America, Trojan is dedicated to expanding its role as a leading
supplier of battery-based, energy storage solutions."

Highlighted in the technical training and product overview sessions were
Trojan's Industrial line of deep-cycle, high-capacity batteries and its
newest 2-volt additions. The new Industrial batteries are designed to offer
more design flexibility for solar applications while allowing for easy
transport. The company also featured the new "Made in the USA" 12-volt AGM
battery, rated at 140 AH at the C20 rate, which was introduced this week.

"Trojan is committed to long-term sustainability and one of the most
exciting sessions held during the Trojan workshop covered battery
recycling," Middleton said. "Trojan is leading the way in responsible
recycling of batteries by working closely with our distributors in Latin
America to facilitate recycling of batteries in the region."

About Trojan Battery Company
Trojan Battery Company is the world's leading manufacturer of deep-cycle
batteries, offering a complete portfolio of technologically-advanced
deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries that provide maximum long-lasting
performance to meet the requirements of today's advancing renewable energy
systems. Trojan Battery Company, founded in 1925, is ISO 9001:2008 certified
with U.S.-based operations in California and Georgia. For more information,

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