Power-One Announces the Release of MELCHER Brand HR-Series

The World's First 10:1 Input DC-DC Converter, Up to 300W

ANDOVER, Mass., Sept. 18, 2012 -- Power-One, Inc.

(Nasdaq:PWER), a leading global manufacturer of renewable energy and
energy-efficient power conversion and management solutions, announces the
release of its revolutionary MELCHER brand HR-Series: The world's first
DC-DC converter with an input voltage range greater than 10:1 and with an
impressive typical efficiency of 94% over the input and load range. The
converter delivers up to 300 Watts of output power with no derating over the
entire ambient temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees C and the drastically
reduced losses result in cooler component temperatures hence resulting in
considerably higher reliability.

Just one power supply covers all nominal battery voltages from 24V to 120V.
The static input range is 15.4V - 150V with dynamic transient deviations to
12V and 168V for 2 seconds respectively. The HR-Series is complying with
EN50155, EN50121 and all common national and international railway and
safety standards and is packaged in a rugged cassette case for 19" rack or
chassis mounting perfect for harsh, convection cooled environments the
traditional MELCHER style.

The first models in this ground breaking series provide single 12V or 24V
and dual +/-12V output. Future models will expand the offering to cover 12V
to 110Vdc in single and a few dual output configurations.
Standard features include current share, 10ms hold-up time with internal
capacitor, reverse polarity protection, inrush current limitation,
over-voltage and programmable under-voltage lockout, remote on/off,
adjustable output voltage, all in all fully self protecting and fully

"The HR series raises the bar in its power range by being the first and only
solution with a 10:1 input voltage range," stated Helio Sakaya, VP of
Marketing and Product Management for Power Solutions. "Combining this range
with its stellar performance and ruggedness, the HR series sets a new
precedence for design in and qualification in this industry."

Visit the Power-One website for data sheets and to learn more:

Samples are available now, please contact Power-One for pricing and
availability at +1-978-728-5974 (in the North and South America),
+44-1903-823323 (in EMEA) and +86-755-29885888 (in APAC), or visit
http://www.power-one.com/corporate/contact/power for additional contacts.

About Power-One

Power-One designs and manufactures energy-efficient power conversion and
power management solutions for renewable energy, routers, data storage and
servers, wireless communications, optical networking, medical diagnostics,
railway controls, semiconductor test equipment and custom applications.
Power-One, with headquarters in Camarillo, CA, has global sales offices,
manufacturing and R&D operations in Asia, Europe and the USA. Please visit
www.power-one.com for more information.

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