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You can now buy high quality Perlight solar panels from Solar Systems USA. America's online solar store. Our direct relationship with the manufacturer assures you of the lowest prices possible online.

Solar Systems USA and Perlight Solar have entered into a direct sales partnership that will see the high performance Perlight Solar Panels shipping from America's Online Solar Store of choice. The direct relationship allows for the quality solar panels to sell at prices as low as $0.85 per watt, lower than you will get elsewhere on the web.

"We are proud once again to provide our customers with a choice of high quality solar panels at unbelievably low prices," Said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Solar Systems USA. "Perlight Solar panels have been manufactured for robust performance and have unmatched quality guarantees and certifications. Installers will also be pleased by the sturdy frame which includes multiple holes for ease of mounting."
Perlight Solar is one of the companies that are part of the Baolite Group founded in 1982. Perlight Solar panels have been manufactured since 2006 and their USA manufacturing plant is based in Texas. Because of their large operations and subsequent economies of scale, the company is able to provide high quality products at very competitive prices.

The Perlight Solar manufacturing process is pretty rigorous with each solar panel that rolls-off the production floor being subjected to at least half a dozen checks and inspections. These include infrared scanning, electroluminescence testing, thermal cycling, freeze-thaw testing, damp-heat testing, moisture penetration and UV degradation.

Perlight solar panels come with all major certifications and standards guaranteeing you a solar system that will keep delivering high efficiency and consistent performance in all weather conditions. Certifications include TUV, IEC, VDE, UL, ETL, CEC, FSEC, MCS, CE, BPPT, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.
Industrial publications have also invariably given high approvals for the solar panels with rave reviews appearing consistently on Homepower magazine. The respected Photon Magazine monthly Solar PV Survey has also been giving Perlight solar panels very high ratings.

Perlight Solar is a company that is committed to continued innovation for progress. They were among the first solar manufacturers to introduce high performance 60-cell, 250 watt solar panels in the United States market.

Earlier in June this year, the company also unveiled an innovative solar financing program that is aimed at helping their customers defray the relatively high cost of setting up a solar energy system. It is a step that is an indicator of the commitment Perlight Solar has of giving quality products that promote job creation as well as protecting the environment in the United States.

Gideon Needleman, Perlight's Business Development Director had this to say on launching the proram: "People go solar for a handful of reasons: They care about the environmental impact of electricity production, they care about their independence and energy security, and they want to save money. Traditionally it takes many years for a solar system to start giving a return on investment, but now with the Perlight Financing Program you can start saving money from day one."

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