Plastic Electronics 2012 in Dresden Shows Markets of the Future

Leading European trade fair and conference guides the way from innovation and research to market maturity and production

Berlin, 08 October 2012 – An industrial sector that experts rate as a future market worth billions will

present itself from Tuesday at the 8th Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference. Companies and
research institutes for organic, printed, flexible and large-area electronics will come together at the
PE2012. Their objective: to advance the development of Plastic Electronics from the research
laboratories to an extensive industrial mass production. The trade fair will take place from 09 – 11
October – at the same time as the leading European semiconductor trade fair SEMICON Europa.
The Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference focuses on production-related topics. More than 90
companies and experts will present their latest products at the trade fair and give presentations on
topics relating to manufacturing and process engineering, innovative solutions, industry trends and
sales opportunities.

"With vital progress in printed and organic displays, lighting and integrated electronic systems, Plastic
Electronics has the potential to become an industry sector worth billions in the upcoming years," says
Heinz Kundert, President of SEMI Europe. "The different areas of the industry will advance materials
science, process engineering and manufacturing skills to a great extent. This means that our
industry's future is presented perfectly at the SEMICON Europa. The synergies between the
innovations of the Plastic Electronics with semiconductor, display and thin-layer production will speed
up industrial growth and shape the electronics industry in the years to come."

The Plastic Electronics with its extensive range is the ideal marketplace for all kinds of different
companies in these future markets. In Dresden, 60 companies of the overall 350 exhibitors are also
staging the latest products and services for the future market Plastic Electronics.

OLEDs for displays and lighting
The OLED technology has been mature since 2010 and fulfills the customers' high requirements.
Experts for displays rate the success of OLEDs as "sweeping". In 2012, the income will presumably
amount to more than USD 4 billion. Large displays for televisions will give the market development
another significant boost. The worldwide sales could even rise to USD 20 billion by 2015. The
progress in display production is necessary to define OLEDs as a basic format for Solid State Lighting
(SSL). Currently, the sales markets are growing exponentially. From headlights to streetlights: There
is a good reason why OLEDs are called the light of the future. They are also increasingly used in
operating theatres thanks to their low heat development and because they are non-glaring.

Flexible and organic photovoltaics
The world market for flexible photovoltaics is currently estimated at a value of around USD 2.6 billion.
According to the market research company Nanomarkets, the market for thin-layer and organic
photovoltaics will grow to USD 7.5 billion by 2015. With OPV, solar cells of the third generation can
be manufactured, with a light and flexible carrier foil serving as a basis. The solar cells of the first
generation are based on the solid silicon and are fragile, heavy and rigid. Apart from that, they are
complicated to manufacture. Thin-layer cells, the second generation, are much lighter but noxious
chemicals are processed during production. The third-generation solar cells are based on inks that
can be printed on light, flexible foils. With the roll-to-roll procedure, this method is similar to
newspaper printing and it is possible to achieve significant cost advantages.

Integrated Smart Systems
Which new applications and products have a future and only become possible in the first place by
means of different production methods? Which opportunities and problems can be expected? The
event will focus on questions all around the manufacturing, processing and tools, as well as future
applications and products for the end users. It is always worth a visit for anyone who wants to
discover the challenges and opportunities of this trend-setting and promising industry.

In addition, the Plenary Session, an extensive three-day event, will cover several topics all around
technology and markets. One of the keynote speakers is, among others, Thibaud Le Seguillon, CEO
of Heliatek. The company from Dresden is planning the production of its worldwide unique organic
solar foils and is rated the globally leading company for high-end photovoltaics technology. One of the
guest speakers is Ho Kyoon Chung, Chair Professor and Director of the Samsung SMD OLED Center
at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. The AMOLED technology for high-resolution mobile displays
has successfully reached market maturity and is now ready to tap new markets, for example with bigscreen
TV sets. Also the manufacturing costs will be decisive for the market launch. The presentation
will deal with the problems and challenges and suggest innovative ideas to overcome cost issues.

The Plastic Electronics Exhibition & Conference 2012 will consider all the major areas of the industry.
It is the ideal forum for experts from research and the industry.
For more information on the topics, conferences, expert events and exhibitors visit www.plasticelectronics.

About SEMI
SEMI is the global industry association serving the nano- and microelectronic manufacturing supply
chains. SEMI member companies are the engine of the future when it comes to the production of
smart, fast and economical products that improve our lives.

Since 1970, SEMI has been supporting its members to grow profitably, tap into new markets and
successfully master the varying challenges of the industry.

SEMI has offices in Beijing, Bengaluru, Berlin, Brussels, Grenoble, Hsinchu, Moscow, San Josť,Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, D.C.
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