Investors gain access to high return, low risk Renewable Energy Assets as the €500 Million Real Asset Energy Fund accelerates activity in Europe and the United States.

Renewable energy investment opportunities are financially sound and environmentally responsible.

Analysts, academics and the business media are all in agreement. Renewable energy investment opportunities are financially sound and environmentally responsible. Given the conditions of the current market, the ability to generate stable, consistent, high yields through operating renewable power plants is an appealing concept to most institutional investors as they plan their asset allocation.

In a recent interview, Luca Concone, Founding Partner of RAEF ( stated, "Investing in renewable energy power production is profitable, and highly secure due to the stable, long-term nature of the technology and tariff schemes. The investment community is moving quickly to take advantage of such opportunities. When managed through a well-organized platform with deep expertise, renewable energy power Funds have the potential to deliver annual returns of 8% - 10% that are uncorrelated to equity, bond or real estate markets. What makes these Funds so attractive is that risk and volatility are kept to the lowest possible levels and, being based on Real Assets, the capital investment is protected."

Currently, Government bonds and existing investment portfolios are struggling to return 3% per year, yet suffer from significant volatility. Conversely renewable energy power plants can achieve 9% return (a 6% premium) coupled with substantially reduced volatility for the investors.

"Renewable energy investment is now part of mainstream infrastructure investment. $260 Billion was invested globally in clean energy opportunities in 2011 – this is more than was invested in oil and fossil fuel. Real Asset Energy Fund is positioned to be the leader in this space" commented Achille Colombo (Chairman of RAEF and former CEO of Falck Renewables)

"The timing is perfect. If environmental and energy independence targets are to be met there will be an important phasing out of dirty or unsafe technologies. All major institutional investors have started to make investments in renewable energy assets, a trend expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. For example, Pensions Denmark and Allianz have invested aggressively in this asset class and serve as a benchmark of what can be achieved with a long term plan for renewable energy power investment" commented Roberto Arcadu (Senior Partner at RAEF)

"RAEF, the only long-term Fund specifically designed for institutional investors, is run by a team of specialised managers with a strong track record of acquiring solid assets and generating long term value for investors while minimising investment risk and volatility. RAEF's strategy of safely investing directly in renewable power plants and delivering stable dividends is already being applauded by the investment community" concluded Concone.

RAEF's management team comprises 16 full-time specialists in the areas of engineering, operations, finance and regulation. Members of the team, in prior roles, have invested over €2.5bn across 15 countries. In the previous two funds the team has successfully acquired over €200m of renewable power plants producing a net dividend return above 12%.

The RAEF Fund is on schedule to complete its first close by early 2013 and plans to make its first investment shortly thereafter.

Please contact Larry Thrall in US at 310-314-5126 or with any questions.

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