Gridtest Systems Debuts European EV Charging Test System at eCarTec in Munich

Gridtest's European test system has been thorough evaluated by leading EV and EVSE companies across Europe.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.  October 15, 2012  Gridtest® Systems, Inc. (, the first global manufacturer of Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure test systems that validate functionality, safety and interoperability of EV charging stations, will debut its new European Electric Vehicle (EV) test system following several customer evaluation sales. Gridtest will demonstrate its European EV Emulation Software Suites to the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) market for the first time in Hall B2, Stand 214 at eCarTec in Munich, October 23 through 25.

"Our European product was launched in response to the enormous demand for interoperability and safety testing among both EV car manufacturers and the EVSE community throughout Europe," said Neal Roche, CEO of Gridtest Systems. "The feedback we've received from our European customers indicates that testing with Gridtest's system is becoming an integral step in the development, deployment and maintenance of both EVs and EVSE throughout the European Union."

Gridtest's European EV test systems help identify critical interoperability and safety issues in European EVSE in the lab or deployed in the field. These previously undetected issues have caused some EVs to fail to charge at certain EVSEs, and have led to systematic safety testing failures of some widely deployed charging stations. Gridtest's EV test system, fully CE certified by TV SD America, comprehensively tests charging stations for compliance with the IEC 61851 charging standard.

Gridtest's test systems perform rigorous diagnostics including interoperability testing, and advanced GFI/RCD testing, to comprehensively ensure that products meet international standards. By emulating specific EVs on behalf of vehicle OEMs, Gridtest's products can eliminate the need to ship current and prototype EVs to the field for testing. Detailed customizable reporting can be exported into standard formats and archived for future analysis and comparison. Gridtest provides the industry's only truly independent EV charger test platform designed to verify, track and ensure safe installation and operation of EV charging stations in the field, ensuring that an EV charging station will work properly the first time, eliminating the need for multiple truck rolls and onsite troubleshooting.

For more information visit, or contact Gridtest Systems at +33 977 195 434 or 1.818.600.2370.

About Gridtest Systems, Inc.
Gridtest Systems, a global Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure test equipment manufacturer, is the first to deliver test systems that measure and record interoperability, and demonstrate reliable and safe operation of EV charging stations, in accordance with United States and international industry standards. The company's EVE-100 effectively mimics a "EV in a box" providing users with an intuitive, one-touch tool that verifies and tracks EV charging station operation in a lab environment and in the field, without the need of an actual EV being present. Gridtest's EVE-100 provides peace of mind for EV charging station manufacturers, installation technicians, EV manufacturers, and independent test labs, by providing a mechanism to test interoperability.

Gridtest was one of the first companies to graduate from the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator, and the company has won the Cleantech Open California Region, the world's largest business competition designed to foster the most promising clean technology start-ups. A trusted, independent source for the EV industry, Gridtest sells its test equipment directly and through a global network of authorized dealers. For more information, contact Gridtest at or call +1.818.600.2370 or +33 977 195 434 in Europe.

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