Organic Recycling Start-Up Launches $100K Crowdfunding Campaign

Organic waste recycling start-up, Re-Nuble, has launched an aggressive $100,000 crowdfunding campaign to finance its mission of redefining the meaning of waste – starting with the nation's capital.

How much does it cost to begin greening the planet and making the world cleaner and healthier for everyone? According to Washington-based start-up,, the first step costs as little as $1 – the smallest donation bracket in its new crowdfunding campaign with

Re-Nuble is a socially oriented, community-based enterprise that specializes in recycling organic waste into green fertilizer for sustainable farming and renewable energy for responsible power consumption.

Although the basic concept behind the young company's business model has been around for decades, Re-Nuble stresses the localized nature of its new venture. Working with neighborhood communities, it helps stakeholders reduce waste disposal costs and derive greater value from unused resources. According to founder and CEO, Tinia Pina, "In launching Re-Nuble, I wanted to prove that responsibly marshaling limited resources towards activist causes could be profitable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable."

By working directly with local restaurants, farmers, utilities, and neighborhood communities throughout the metro DC area, Pina hopes that the inclusive nature of her company's mission will inspire more people to act as Re-Nuble rolls out to other regions of the country. "If you harvest crops, eat food, create waste, or consume power, you can become a Re-Nuble partner."

Still in its concept phase, Re-Nuble has launched a crowdfunding campaign on to help raise the money needed for its anaerobic digesters – the heart and soul of the company's organic recycling model. Through November 28, Re-Nuble hopes to raise $100,000 through a series of contributions ranging from $1 on up. In return, social investors receive any number of tiered gifts plus the satisfaction of donating to a worthy cause.

Pina believes that this crowdfunding approach is a natural extension of her core business model in which a series of small contributions and individual actions can grow to produce something truly remarkable.

"Re-Nuble answers a question that I've heard so many times, I'm just one person. What can I do?' Re-Nuble provides one solution – you don't need to be a politician or big business to join our mission of greening the planet." Pina adds, "And our campaign with IndieGoGo provides another opportunity to join this movement. Making a difference costs less than a cup of coffee."

To learn more about Re-Nuble's crowdfunding campaign on or to make a contribution, visit:

To learn more about Re-Nuble or join as a partner, visit:


About Re-Nuble
Re-Nuble's mission is to responsibly manage limited, local resources at minimal cost to the environment. By recycling organic waste into all-natural fertilizer and green energy, the company hopes to replace society's current linear model of waste with a closed, sustainable loop.

Contact: Austin Brentley, VP of Online Marketing
Company: Re-Nuble, Inc.
Phone: (571) 293-2237

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