Vela Solaris Releases New Polysun Update: A Solar Software with a Strong Regional Character

Users can now choose from a wide range of country-specific settings.

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland--Leading software provider Vela Solaris has released a new version of its solar software Polysun. Polysun consistently improves and builds on its already high design standards with a series of effective regional adjustments. Up-to-date, reliable worldwide weather data, 12 different languages, European, American and Chinese product databases as well as comprehensive databases including schemes from a wide range of providers – all in a single product – enable Polysun to remain the most popular design software amongst ambitious designers. In the latest release of the software searches can be narrowed down and restricted to local providers only for an easier regional use. Countless regionally-adapted hydraulic schemes are available for several countries including, e.g. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Combining the flexibility of the Designer version with comprehensive user-expandable databases, the software enables systems to be represented and calculated down to the smallest detail. In addition, as a unique features, Polysun makes it possible to combine different solar energy technologies such as PV, solar thermal energy and heat pumps.

Thanks to the new regional adaptations, users can now choose from a wide range of country-specific settings. For example, an Austrian user will now be able to access a comprehensive set of schemes specially designed for Austria and, using the bookmark feature, give a preference to locally sourced products; in addition, he/she will be able to keep using the software with country-specific settings for Austria while, however, printing result reports for sales beyond the national borders also in other languages such as, e.g., Italian. Italian products and weather locations are included in the software with no extra charge. This also applies to 12 linguistic regions and countless countries with extensive local product databases. The accurate selection of worldwide locations down to the exact street with detailed online map builds confidence with the customer. The expected weather conditions for the selected location are accurately calculated (interpolated) based on data and readings from the surrounding weather stations making simulations even more reliable and effective.

Polysun offers the largest, most comprehensive selection of hydraulic schemes of all commercially available simulation programs. Thanks to its huge scheme selection, Polysun makes it possible for systems to be designed and calculated in an easier, more effective way. The available schemes provide users with improved dependability in designing and optimising their systems. In addition, components that are best suited to work together and offer the best value for money are now easier to find than ever. And a picture-perfect presentation can give you a major competitive advantage when it comes to selling and financing a system.

With Polysun, designers can create themselves new schemes or alter the existing ones. This feature provides users with unlimited flexibility in their design tasks and large solar systems can now be accurately calculated with the aid of realistic schemes. Polysun enables users to save valuable time when designing and optimising large systems paving the way for a successful sale and financing. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly graphical interface, simulating with Polysun is always a pleasure.

Polysun makes it also possible to display and simulate combined solutions based on solar thermal energy, PV, ground-source loops, etc. enabling users to analyse and design all-encompassing energy systems. Additionally, the optimisation of complex systems is made considerably easier as solar thermal energy can be seamlessly combined with ground-source loops and heat pumps. And in Polysun, connecting a collector field with ground-source loops or directly with a heat pump is just as simple as that. A high energy yield in the summer that would normally result in the overheating of collectors can be fed into the ground. In Polysun, results are summarized in a single report for users to use them as convincing selling points.

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Polysun Update: overview of new features

New catalogue and database updates

*Photon inverter database

*Photon PV module database

*SPF collector database

*SRCC collector database

*Solar Keymark collector database

*Buchs heat pump database

*New solar loop fluids

*Ritter-Solar schemes

New schemes and company entries

*Solcrafte: new special report

*Ecotech: company version – specially tailored for the Austrian market

*Hoval: 3 new hydraulic schemes

*Ernst Schweizer: improved result display, especially as regards solar energy results

*Walter Meier: new hydraulic schemes

About Vela Solaris

Vela Solaris is a leading provider of simulation software for the renewable energy sector, running offices in the US and Europe. Polysun simulation software provides invaluable support in the analysis, design and calculation of heating and cooling systems using renewable energy. Polysun has been on the market since 1992. It was originally created at the Swiss federal Institute for Solar Technology SPF. Our software has been setting new and higher industry standards continuously ever since. Solid scientific foundations and its user friendliness have made Polysun the preferred software solution for thousands of experts and well established companies worldwide. Vela Solaris cooperates closely with universities and manufacturers to further develop Polysun everyday.

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