Energate Launches Smart Grid Project With Signing of Contract With Ontario Government's Smart Grid Fund

"Consumer Engagement for the Smart Grid (CESG)" Project Will be Supported by Ontario's Smart Grid Fund and a High Profile Advisory Board

OTTAWA, Nov. 19, 2012 -- Energate, Inc., a leading provider

of demand response and home energy management solutions for utilities and
their customers, announced the signing of its contract with the Ontario
Ministry of Energy's Smart Grid Fund for $2.9M in support of its Consumer
Engagement for the Smart Grid (CESG) project.

Energate also announced the creation of a CESG Advisory Board, which will
play a key advisory role in the planning and execution of the CESG Project.

The objective of this $7.8 million project, implemented by Energate with the
support of the Ontario Ministry of Energy's Smart Grid Fund, and six Ontario
Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), is to stimulate consumers' engagement
in home energy management by leveraging and extending the Smart Grid into
the home.

"Smart Grid technology is about helping all of us make more informed choices
about our energy use to conserve and save money," said Ontario Energy
Minister Chris Bentley. "I would like to congratulate Energate for launching
this project to enable their customers with new tools towards that goal."

"As a proven utility residential demand response and home energy management
solutions provider, Energate is in a unique position to help extend the
smart grid into the home," said Energate CEO Niraj Bhargava.

"In collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Energy and many industry
colleagues across North America, the CESG project will create a powerful
model for the industry to follow."

As part of the CESG project, Energate and a number of Ontario utilities will
be testing different combinations of portals, mobile applications, smart
thermostats and other technologies and programs that leverage Energate's
Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) home energy management platform,
which has been approved for use across Ontario's peaksaver PLUS(TM) program.
Energate plans to deploy home energy dashboards and controls, features,
functions, portals, and mobile apps for market feedback in more than 1,000
homes across Ontario for the CESG Project over the next 18 months.

Launching of CESG Advisory Board

The inaugural meeting of the project's Advisory Board will be held on
Tuesday, November 20, at Energate's new Ottawa world headquarters located at
2379 Holly Lane, Suite 200. The Advisory Board holds members and observers
from leading utilities, trade organizations, and academia, including Peter
Delaney, CEO of Oklahoma Gas & Electric; Bryce Conrad, CEO of Hydro Ottawa;
Lisa Wood, Executive Director of the Energy Efficiency Institute; Brian
Bentz, PowerStream, President and CEO; Myles D'Arcey, Hydro One, Sr. Vice
President, Customer Operations; President & CEO, Remote Communities; and
Niraj Bhargava, CEO, Energate; with additional observers, Mark Carpenter,
Sr. VP of T&D Operations and Measurement Services, Oncor; Paul Murphy, IESO,
President and CEO, and Xavier Debane, Sr. Director, Corporate Strategy,
Rogers Communications.
The CESG Advisory Board will meet quarterly to provide guidance to the
program and its technology innovation path.

"I am pleased to be a member of this advisory board with colleagues who
share my passion about moving smart grid and residential demand response
programs to the next level of consumer engagement," said Pete Delaney, CEO
of OG&E, recently named North American Utility of the Year. "I look forward
to sharing my insights based on the extensive learning in our Positive
Energy deployment that includes our partnership with Energate."

"We are delighted to be working with Energate and Ontario's Smart Grid Fund
to help demonstrate and provide further value for Ottawa residential
consumers," said Bryce Conrad, CEO of Hydro Ottawa. "Hydro Ottawa remains
committed to helping consumers understand and capitalize on the many
benefits offered by extending the smart grid to the home."

About Energate

Energate is a leading provider of demand response and home energy management
solutions including software, wireless communications, gateways, smart
thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. The Consumer Connected
Demand Response (CCDR) platform allows utilities to immediately address
residential energy demand and empowers consumers to more effectively manage
their energy use. Energate products seamlessly connect to the Smart Grid to
deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and
dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in
Ottawa with offices in Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Raleigh and Los Angeles.
Visit www.energateinc.com

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