Hydrovolts honored for Tidal/Hydro success at Savannah International Clean Energy Conference

Seattle, WA (November 2012) - Hydrovolts, producer of hydrokinetic turbines that generate energy from moving water, is proud to announce that it has been chosen by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) as the 2012 Later Stage Award Global Tidal / Hydro winner. The 2012 Global Top 10 award reflects Hydrovolts' cleantech success and market position as a hydropower company in the $163.1 billion global cleantech industry. Hydrovolts, along with the other 2012 Global Top 10 winners, was honored at a ceremony at the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference on November 12. The 2012 Later Stage Award is sponsored by Deloitte and McGuire Woods.

"Cleantech and sustainability are no longer a niche. They are out-performing most market sectors in growth even during the recession," said Ben Taube, Chairman of the GCCA. "These 2012 Top 10 winners are indicative of the growing strength of their sectors."

Hydrovolts was nominated for the GCCA Later Stage Award in May 2012 by the Washington Clean Technology Alliance for its unique model to generate distributed small hydropower from industrial water facilities and large water canals around the world. The Global Top 10 were selected out of the 4,000 companies represented by the GCCA's 45 member clusters. In total, 200 companies were nominated by clusters as leading in their regions. That number was later narrowed to the Global Top 30 Semi-Finalists using the Keystone Method™, a business and venture development tool developed by GCCA Head Judge Dr. Peter Adriaens and CleanTech Acceleration Partners at the University of Michigan. The Global Top 10 were then selected by the Later Stage Award judging panel of 30 cleantech VCs and entrepreneurs who collectively manage over $3.5 billion in cleantech investment.

Hydrovolts has become a prominent member of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance after winning other awards, including the Cleantech Open, the Imagine H2O Water-Energy Nexus prize, the Artemis Top 50 Water Companies nomination, and the LAUNCH:Energy Global Innovators award. Since it was first funded in early 2010 the company has raised almost $3 million from investors and currently has 9 employees and two installed turbines making power.

Hydrovolts is the developer of turbines that generate electricity from moving water in factories, water treatment and wastewater plants, and irrigation canals. The company recently installed its new waterfall and canal turbines in California and Washington. The company will offer 2.5 and 15 kW waterfall turbines for the industrial market and a 12 kW canal turbine in early 2013.

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association is a non-profit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. that creates conduits for companies to harness the tremendous benefits of international cleantech cluster collaboration in an efficient, affordable, and structured way. Global Cleantech provides a gateway for established and emerging cleantech companies to gain exposure to potential investors, new markets, influential networks, innovative technologies and best practices. GCCA was founded by the Finnish Cleantech Cluster, Skipso, swisscleantech, Technica Communications and Watershed Capital Group. For more information about Global Cleantech, please visit www.globalcleantech.org.

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