Cape Fear Solar Systems Is Empowering Local Communities With Solar

WILMINGTON, NC, November 20, 2012 – Cape Fear Solar Systems, Wilmington, NC-based leader in residential and light commercial solar system design and installation, was first to bring solar this summer to six local communities: Arbor Creek, Compass Point, Mallory Creek, Palmetto Creek, Waterford and the town of Sunset Beach.

Coastal residents are increasingly seeking alternative methods of generating their own power, with solar being number one in their selection. This past summer was the most successful period for Cape Fear Solar Systems in regards to penetrating new areas with solar installations.

Solar in the Wilmington region is not as common as it is in the neighborhoods of California or Pennsylvania, where homeowners can see solar panels on the roofs of their neighbors, schools or shopping malls. However, North Carolina holds a respectable 11th place in grid tied photovoltaic installations in the United States.

North Carolina property owners are increasingly recognizing the abundance of the sun's energy and the saving benefits that solar systems bring to their budgets. Due to the lack of familiarity with solar technology, many homeowners in Southeastern North Carolina are reluctant to take the pro-active step in becoming more energy independent. A common concern of the property owners is the local Homeowner Association's approval of the solar panel installation.

The North Carolina's Solar Access Law (HB 1387 of 2009) prevents Homeowner Associations from adopting ordinances prohibiting the installation of solar systems. Nevertheless, it does not apply to cases where the solar panels are to be located on the front of the house. If the home's south facing side is also the street side, the Homeowner Associations may prevent the realization of the solar panel installation.

"We rarely experience a homeowner being turned down by the HOA," states Tim Suddoth, Technical Sales Representative at Cape Fear Solar Systems. "However, HOAs often do not have established guidelines related to solar. In those situations, we work directly with the HOA and support them in their efforts to create guidelines for their community," Suddoth highlights.

Cape Fear Solar Systems' engagement in promoting the use of solar energy and close involvement with the local Homeowner Associations has resulted in the proliferation of solar power adoption in our region. Congratulation to the communities of Arbor Creek, Compass Point, Mallory Creek, Palmetto Creek, Waterford and the town of Sunset Beach for becoming progressively green and environmentally friendly!

About Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC

Wilmington, NC based Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC is the Southeastern North Carolina's leader in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar systems. Fully licensed, insured and certified, Cape Fear Solar System offer a wide range of solar panels for solar thermal (solar water heating), photovoltaic (solar electric) and solar pool heating systems.

Cape Fear Solar Systems is a NABCEP Certified Solar PV, Solar Thermal™ and PV Technical Sales™ Installer, which are the distinguishing marks indicating profound knowledge and experience within the solar industry assuring high quality installations for property owners. Cape Fear Solar Systems is recognized by their customers for having a high standard of integrity, accuracy in forecasting the output of installed solar systems, and outstanding post-installation customer service.

Extensive experience in solar installations, in-house design and engineering, and being a Premier Dealer for the most efficient solar panels on the Planet, SunPower, makes Cape Fear Solar Systems the go to company for turnkey solar solutions. To learn more about the company and its green services, please visit

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