Shaner Industries' Steel Foundation Supports A 90-foot Tall Wind Turbine

Installation processes required no digging, allowing for quick and easy installation with no mess.

Shaner Industries, a Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in the design, engineering and installation of steel foundations, is proud to announce that it recently completed the installation of a custom-designed steel foundation to support a 90-foot tall wind turbine recently erected in Maryland.

The construction contractor on this project faced a unique challenge when tasked with the design and installation of the wind turbine in a high traffic area. The owner was concerned about the significant disruptions that excavation would cause to install a standard concrete foundation.The owner wanted the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without creating a mess or compromising quality.

The contractor chose Shaner Industries' steel foundations as the ideal solution for this project. Shaner Industries' patented steel foundations are installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install concrete foundations, and their unique designs and installation methods require virtually no digging and minimal equipment, allowing the foundations to be quickly and easily installed.

Shaner Industries' steel foundations are pre-engineered and delivered to the job site ready to install using a patented or proprietary installation process that combines hydraulic systems, and various types of equipment, to ensure that the foundations are installed quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

"Our metal foundations were a perfect choice to support the wind turbine," said Geoffrey Feidelberg, CEO of Shaner Industries. "The key advantages in this situation was that our patented designs and proprietary installation processes completely eliminated the need for concrete; therefore excavation and soil displacement were eliminated. Our proprietary installation processes required no digging, allowing for quick and easy installation with no mess."

With many advantages over concrete foundations, Shaner Industries' patented steel foundations offer a truly innovative, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution for foundation installations in congested areas.

About Shaner Industries: Shaner Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaner Capital, L.P. and is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. For nearly 20 years, Shaner Industries has been the prime choice of many organizations to efficiently design and install metal foundations to support various structures. With patented metal foundation designs and installation processes, Shaner Industries has installed more than 200,000 steel foundations worldwide. With a historical track record of durability and reliability, Shaner Industries has clearly positioned its metal foundations as the unparalleled alternative to concrete foundations.

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About Shaner Capital, L.P.: Shaner Capital L.P. is a private investment fund formed by Lance T. Shaner, CEO of the Shaner Group. The objective of Shaner Capital is to assist well-run, innovative companies to grow and expand their businesses. Shaner Capital holds controlling interests in numerous operating companies.

Headquartered in State College, Pa., Shaner Capital and the Shaner Family of Companies are comprised of diverse and financially strong organizations with over 2,500 associates globally. For more information:

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