FuelCell Energy Announces Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plant Service Agreement With Switzerland-Based Electric Utility

FCES will service the existing plant including the scheduled replacement of the fuel cell stack during the ten year term of the service agreement.

DANBURY, Conn., Jan. 22, 2013 -- FuelCell Energy, Inc.

(Nasdaq:FCEL), a global leader in the design, manufacture, operation and
service of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today
announced that FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH has entered into a multi-year
service agreement for a stationary fuel cell power plant owned by
Elektrizitaetswerke Zurich (ewz), an electric utility company in
Switzerland. FuelCell Energy Solutions (FCES) will operate and maintain the
power plant in close collaboration with ewz and will supervise the plant
from a European-based operations center that is staffed 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.

ewz is among the largest energy utility companies in Switzerland and is a
supplier of electricity for the city of Zurich as well as parts of the
canton Graubunden since 1892. As a utility, ewz pursues and is actively
involved in the development of new technologies for distributed power

"This fuel cell power plant operating since November 2010 is the first
carbonate fuel cell installation utilized in Switzerland," said Marcel Frei,
Director, Elektrizitaetswerke Zurich. "We want to be the leading utility in
Switzerland with a clear leading position in ecology and energy efficiency.
We are demonstrating our strong motivation to invest in new technologies and
in new renewable energy with this fuel cell power plant. We are performing
an assessment of this carbonate fuel cell power plant to evaluate the
electricity and heat output, the operating costs and the integration with
the gas network for the fuel supply."

The project employees of ewz are closely involved in the operation and
assessment of the stationary fuel cell power plant to study the almost
complete lack of emissions by the fuel cells, the high electrical
efficiency, and the operational flexibility of the power plant.

"We focus on customer satisfaction and our service agreements allow our
customers to concentrate on what they do best while we concentrate on our
core expertise of delivering ultra-clean power in an efficient and reliable
manner," said Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer FuelCell
Energy, Inc. and Managing Director, FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH. "The
highly efficient and environmentally friendly baseload power generation
profile of our plants makes them a good solution for supporting power grids
and enabling electric utilities to add power generation in cost effective
increments when and where needed."

FCES will service the existing plant including the scheduled replacement of
the fuel cell stack during the ten year term of the service agreement.

FCES offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for stationary fuel cell
power plants with multi-year service agreements. Highly trained technicians
and engineers remotely operate and maintain the fuel cell power plants, 24
hours per day, 365 days per year. Field service technicians provide on-site
servicing. These service offerings transfer the plant performance
responsibilities to FCES, providing the customers with certainty of costs
and power supply.

Fuel cells electrochemically convert a fuel source into electricity and heat
in a highly efficient process that emits virtually no pollutants due to the
absence of combustion. The stationary fuel cell power plants manufactured
and sold by FCES are fuel flexible, capable of operating on natural gas or
renewable biogas. The power plants provide continuous baseload power and can
be sited where the power is used, including both on-site applications and
electric grid support. The combination of near-zero pollutants, modest
land-use needs, and quiet operating nature of these stationary fuel cell
power plants facilitates their siting in urban locations.

FCES, with its German manufacturing base, is the sales, manufacturing and
service business for the European Served Area for FuelCell Energy, Inc.

About FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH

FuelCell Energy Solutions develops, manufactures, sells, installs, services
and operate stationary fuel cell power plants that efficiently and
economically generate electricity and usable high quality heat.
Administrative offices are located in Dresden, Germany and manufacturing
operations are located in Ottobrunn, Germany. Continuous power generated at
the point of use with the virtual absence of pollutants supports energy
security and power reliability as well as sustainability initiatives.
Ultra-Clean baseload distributed generation is attractive to electric
utilities, universities, hospitals, government facilities, industrial
operations and other locations with significant power needs. Direct
FuelCell(R) (DFC(R)) power plants are fuel flexible, capable of operating on
clean natural gas or renewable biogas. For more information please visit our
website at www.fces.de

About FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Direct FuelCell(R) power plants are generating ultra-clean, efficient and
reliable power at more than 50 locations worldwide. With more than
300 megawatts of power generation capacity installed or in backlog, FuelCell
Energy is a global leader in providing ultra-clean baseload distributed
generation to utilities, industrial operations, universities, municipal
water treatment facilities, government installations and other customers
around the world. The Company's power plants have generated more than 1.5
billion kilowatt hours of ultra-clean power using a variety of fuels
including renewable biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as
well as clean natural gas. For more information please visit our website at

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