DEGER supplies 48 tracking systems free of concrete foundation for new solar park in Greece

Greek installation partner is GreenTop S.A. relies on MLD technology

Horb a.N., March 08th, 2013. A new solar park near the Greek city of Vagia Viotias was recently connected to the grid. It is equipped with 48 9000NT type DEGERtracker tracking systems with MLD* technology and designed for an output of 500 kilowatts. This is already the second major order for DEGER from Greece this year. As the global leader in solar tracking, DEGER is represented with its technology in 51 countries throughout the world.

This new project and lots of others around the world show: DEGER has managed to offer a product still attractive to investors, despite the drop of Feed-In Tariffs. The new solar park near Vagia Viotias is unique insofar as it was constructed without any concrete foundations. In the words of Ioannis Pistiolis, CEO of the installation company GreenTop: "We are exceptionally happy that we decided to use the steel roots from DEGER to anchor the system. We had a lot of rain during the construction work, and the soil was very damp. In this case we would have had serious problems with concrete foundations. Instead the entire construction process went perfectly."

Steel roots allow to build up DEGER's tracking systems easily and quickly and fix them very sturdy. Each of the 48 DEGERtracker units is equipped with 42 solar modules and rated for just more than 10 kilowatts. Thus the total output installed in Vagia Viotias amounts to approximately 500 kilowatts altogether. By using the steel roots GreenTop S.A. was able to complete the entire installation in the record time of just one month. The client and operator is the Greek company Kalyviotis Bros SA.

GreenTop CEO Ioannis Pistiolis comments: "In Greece we already installed solar parks with a total output of approximately 20 megawatts, but Vagia Viotias is our first project with DEGER systems. We followed the recommendation of one of our partners who already used DEGERtrackers to realize several projects in recent years, and who is very satisfied with the robustness and yields offered by this technology."

In the near future GreenTop plans to build other parks in Greece with an output of approximately 30 megawatts altogether. "DEGER systems make a very good impression, and they can be constructed quickly and easily. If we get the same good yields as our partner, then I can imagine cooperating with DEGER in the future as well."

When it comes to the production of solar electricity the MLD tracking technology from DEGER is verifiably the most efficient technology in the world. On basis of this technology DEGER is the world's leader for solar tracking systems. More than 50,000 DEGER systems are installed in 51 countries worldwide. The company is represented with its own branch offices in Spain, Greece and North America and cooperates with local sales and service partners in numerous countries throughout the world. The MLD technology patented by DEGERenergie makes it possible to achieve a 45 percent greater yield on the average with solar plants than in the case of fixed systems.

About DEGER (
DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the world's largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented "Maximum Light Detection" or MLD technology developed by Artur Deger. This technology makes it possible to increase the yield of solar power plants through the use of "intelligent" control. In this case the MLD sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules with the point in the sky that provides the greatest energy. Thus solar systems guided with MLD achieve a 45 percent greater yield on average than fixed systems – during peak periods this value is even considerably higher. With more than 50,000 systems installed in 51 countries, DEGER is world's market and technology leader. The company offers every solution relevant to the product – from development and planning to production and sales, all the way through to maintenance and repair.

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