Morgan Technical Ceramics to Attend the Phosphor Global Summit

Company will showcase innovative ceramic materials used in the manufacturing of LEDs

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) announces that it will be showcasing a variety of ceramics used in manufacturing LEDs at the Phosphor Global Summit, which takes place March 18-20, 2013 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. On display will be ceramics used for epitaxial processing and phosphor treatment, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon carbide, high purity alumina, and Pythagoras materials.

High purity alumina materials supplied by Morgan Technical Ceramics including Alsint 997 are ideal for high integrity components due to their exceptional thermal and electrical properties, essential for products that require operational stability and reliability. The material features high purity, offering resistance to chemical attack and corrosion. Crucibles produced by MTC are used in the calcining of special powders at temperatures up to 1650°C.
Morgan Technical Ceramics Pythagoras or Mullite is a special alumina silicate material offering high temperature and thermal shock resistance. Used in the furnaces for Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) crystal boule production, Mullite tubes can be made up to 12 inches in diameter and 9 feet long. With thermal shock resistance, chemical and physical durability, as well as a low, stable thermal expansion coefficient, Pythagoras can also be precision engineered into a wide range of shapes and complicated ceramic components. The GaAs boules are processed further into substrates for the LED industry.
Also on display is CVD silicon carbide, which is available in ultra-pure and low resistivity forms, both are extremely durable and able to withstand extremely hostile conditions. CVD silicon carbide can be used in very thin, lightweight sections to improve processing performance. It has an excellent combination of properties for use in wafer processing, heating elements and chamber linings for clean environments.
Ultra-pure, the material features unparalleled wear and corrosion resistance, outstanding thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion.

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About Morgan Technical Ceramics
Morgan Technical Ceramics manufactures components and sub-assemblies using an extensive range of materials, including structural and piezoelectric ceramics, dielectrics, braze alloys, and specialist coatings. It works with manufacturers' design and R&D teams at local, national and international level on projects from concept and feasibility studies through prototype development to full production. The business employs some 2,500 people and has 23 manufacturing sites worldwide across Europe, the US, Mexico, China and Australia.
Morgan Technical Ceramics is a business within the Morgan Ceramics Division of The Morgan Crucible Company plc, one of the world's leading advanced materials companies. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic and carbon products which are used in a wide range of applications, from transport and telecommunications to fire protection and medical instruments. Morgan Crucible is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the engineering sector.
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