Renewable Energy Recruiter Powered By Trade Shows

Case Study: EnergeiaWorks, By JOSEPH FEINBERG Renewable Energy Recruiter Powered By Trade Shows EnergeiaWorks attends the top clean energy trade shows to meet with their customers who fly in from around the world including China, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Norway, and across the U.S.

EnergeiaWorks is a New York City based executive staffing firm specializing in the renewable energy sector. Their corporate clients include software developers, service providers, consulting firms, government organizations, venture capital firms, and hardware manufacturers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to new start-ups.

The principal of their firm is William Liuzza – An accomplished executive search and recruitment specialist, William began his career as a recruiter for the United States Marine Corps in 1994 before becoming a Managing Partner at J. Patrick & Associates in New York, where he focused on telecommunications and information security business sectors.

William combines his eagle eye for recruiting top talent with a passion for the industry he serves. "As we deplete the earth's fossil fuels, the need for renewable, sustainable, and new energy technologies has drastically increased" says William. "We are just beginning to understand how to capture, control, store, and utilize sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal power for everyday consumption. EnergeiaWorks was established to channel the demand for top talent who can help satisfy the urgent need for cleaner and greener technologies" adds William.

Trade Show Networking and Recruiting for 12 Years

William Liuzza has extensive experience making the most of modern online recruiting tools. But he is one of the few recruiters who constantly presses the flesh to meet the top people in his industry.

When asked how attending events and conferences compares to online services, William offered, "I've been networking and recruiting at trade shows for over 12 years now and it's the distinguishing factor from my competition. I'm generally the only recruiter at a trade show – the only one who reinvests into the business and really understands the industry. Most recruiters only use the job boards, LinkedIn, and Jigsaw – but I always look for the extra angle that will get me access to non-public contacts."

EnergeiaWorks attends trade shows to meet with their customers who fly in from around the world including China, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Norway, and across the U.S. "We set up around 10 to 15 interviews onsite with our customers since most candidates and hiring managers are already at the event" says William. "It's also good to meet the candidates in-person to gauge their presentation skills" adds William.

The Renewable Energy events are also a great place for EnergeiaWorks to develop business by meeting with senior executives and decision makers at new companies. "About 50% of my time at trade shows is developing new business" says William. "All the buyers at one place – it's a no brainer. I generally leave the show with 25-50 new leads which are qualified further after I return to the office. 75% of my current customers originated from a trade show and I always see a return on my investment with every show I attend" adds William.

EnergeiaWorks supports the entire supply chain for the renewable energy market including solar panel manufacturers, wafer manufacturers, cell manufacturers, factory automation equipment companies, inverter/microinverter manufacturers, roof/ground mount racking systems manufacturers, energy storage manufacturers, EPC/Construction firms, utility companies, weather forecasting software developers, control system manufacturers, and engineering/design/consulting firms. Their customer base is diverse and they are based all over the world. "The one thing they all have in common is they attend trade shows. I consider myself an industry partner pivotal to my customers' growth" says William.

CardBrowser Online Trade Show Recruiting

William Liuzza began attending trade shows online – via his web browser – in 2008 when he was an executive search consultant with another search firm in New York City. He was provided access to the CardBrowser online contact information service.

CardBrowser is a searchable database of business cards that are collected from exhibitors at hundreds of high-tech and life sciences tradeshows and conferences held globally each year. At the time he was using CardBrowser for his placement work in the telecom and infosecurity sectors. When William started up his own search firm in the Renewable Energy industry, he turned to CardBrowser again. CardBrowser collects business cards in his industry from trade shows including Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo, WindPower Conference & Expo, InterSolar North America, and others.

So why did William sign on to CardBrowser when he goes to so many trade shows on his own? In his words – "To meet the people I don't already know within the renewable energy industry. They may become customers or they may become candidates that we place, either way, I know I'll get my return on the CardBrowser service."

CardBrowser is Fresh and 100% Accurate Compared to LinkedIn, Jigsaw

When asked about his experience with the CardBrowser service, William says, "I've used CardBrowser for 4 years. What I like most about CardBrowser is that the data is fresh. Sometimes data on LinkedIn and Jigsaw (now part of can be outdated, but if I pull up a list on CardBrowser from last week's trade show in San Francisco then I know the accuracy is 100%."

The freshness and accuracy of the CardBrowser contact info can be attributed to the fact that every record in the database is a hand collected business card at a live venue. The business cards are then scanned, converted to text, double-verified for accuracy, and uploaded to the CardBrowser database.

When a recruiter views a record on-screen, they see the actual business card image plus a full text conversion of all contact information including phone numbers and email address.

Recruiters can search and browse through business cards from a specific trade show, multiple shows, an entire industry – or by title, company name, location or a mix of these.

Business cards are the only contact information that outlive employment. The cards often contain mobile phone numbers, remote and home office numbers. So even when people have moved on, CardBrowser has current contact information for recruiters.

The other pluses when dealing with business cards are that recruiters have 100% accurate titles and not something shortened or exaggerated that someone might type in to their LinkedIn profile or resume. Business cards will often have professional credentials i.e. Dr., MD, PhD, Esq., certifications, associations, and accomplishments i.e. "Presidents Club Member", etc. – which complete the contact information picture.

EnergeiaWorks Is The One-Stop Solution In the Renewable Energy Sector

If you are looking for highly-specialized skills relevant to the renewable energy sector, EnergeiaWorks is your one-stop solution to locate the industry's top engineers, consultants, contractors and executive managers.

EnergeiaWorks and CardBrowser attend the major and niche renewable energy trade shows in order to network with the top talent who have been hand picked to represent their employers at these important events.

EnergeiaWorks serves an international client base with the flexibility of contingency or retained search for full-time, part-time and billable consultant hires.

EnergeiaWorks is on the web at

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