Draker Accelerates Overseas Growth with Installation in Japan

Draker's AC and Clarity DC Monitoring with Japanese Language Interface Deployed

AUSTIN, TX – April 2, 2013 – Draker announced today that the first installation of its panel-to-grid (P2G) monitoring solution in Japan is complete. Draker's fully integrated AC and Clarity™ DC system is deployed at the Ami Solar Park, a 705 kW grid-connected solar PV site operating under the FIT scheme instituted last summer as part of Japan's renewable energy strategy. Draker's solution includes both a Japanese language and English language user interface and public display, the first such dual-language monitoring system interface in the Japanese market.

"We are delighted to begin serving customers in Japan in conjunction with our local partner, EKO Instruments. Selection of Draker's AC and Clarity DC monitoring solution by customers in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and now Japan, is a clear indication of the value that our performance monitoring solutions are bringing solar PV site developers, owners and operators around the globe," said Draker CEO Chach Curtis. "Driven by their FIT scheme, we expect the Japanese solar PV market to be among the most active in the world and look forward to strong demand for Draker's solutions in Japan."

Commenting on the Ami installation, Mr. Toshikazu Hasegawa, Representative Director and President of EKO Instruments said, "We are very excited to complete the first installation of Draker's system in Japan. In partnership with Draker, we can provide our Japanese customers with the industry's leading solar PV monitoring solutions, delivered and supported locally by EKO."

Draker's P2G solutions help increase energy harvest and lower operations and maintenance (O&M) costs at solar PV sites, improving levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Draker's full suite of AC and DC solutions are available now in North America, Europe the Caribbean and Japan. Draker's P2G solutions, including Clarity™ DC, can be installed on new sites or easily retrofitted to existing sites.

About Draker

Since 1999, Draker has led the industry with innovative monitoring, management and control solutions for commercial and utility-scale PV systems. Draker's products and services allow PV developers, owners and operators to predict, measure, monitor, manage, optimize and control their solar assets to increase yield and maximize profitability. Draker's complete panel-to-grid (P2G) solutions include data acquisition and control hardware, Clarity™ DC analytics, Intelligent Array™ software, and a wide range of project and field-based services. For more information, visit www.drakerenergy.com.

About EKO

Since 1927 EKO has employed its latest technologies to develop meteorological instruments, physical analyzers and other high quality equipment to cover a wide range of the requirements of both science and industry. Over the years, the company has accumulated a great deal of experience in various measurement technologies, permitting it to not only supply products, but also to provide a variety of high quality services from maintenance and technical support service to early design research, final design and manufacture of global measuring systems. For more information please visit www.eko-usa.com

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