Conergy completes 725kW solar solution for almond producer, T&P Farms

Conergy solar installation helps T&P Farms use the Sun to "Crack" Almonds in Northern California

Arbuckle, California, April 16, 2013 – Conergy Projects Group has completed construction of a 725 kW photovoltaic system for T&P Farms out of Arbuckle, California. The system is powering T&P Farms' almond hulling and shelling operations. The system is supplying T&P with 95% of the energy they use and allows T&P to offset thousands in high utility costs.

The 725 kW photovoltaic system is divided into two installations. The first installation is on the south face of the Hull Storage Barn. The second sits atop an Elevated Solar Structure – specially designed by Conergy for agricultural applications where farmers can both generate energy and store farming equipment. The two installations feature 3,024 Conergy PM 240P Watt solar modules secured to T&P Farms' buildings using 3.9 miles of Conergy Mounting System rail. The installations, producing 1,1 million kWh annually, will prevent the release of more than 892 tons of harmful CO2 greenhouse gas per year, reduce energy consumption, and save millions in electricity costs for T&P.

T&P's installation will reduce 22,000 tons of greenhouse gas over the next 25 years. "T & P Farms was very pleased with the solar array designed and installed at our Almond Hulling & Shelling facility by Conergy. We had a couple of unique requests for Conergy like installing our panels on our steep Hull Barn roof and designing a suitable dual purpose solar structure. Conergy helped us achieve the goal we had of not using up any open ground on our property. Conergy's construction team, as well as, the administrative team were outstanding in their professionalism and willingness to complete our project in a timely manner. Conergy helped us in all aspects of our solar project and left no task undone. As for the results, we have been left with a very clean well-constructed array and instant proof of the financial benefits owning a solar array provides." stated Sarah Reynolds, Project Manager with T&P.

Acting as engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance firm on the project, Conergy was excited to help T&P reach its environmental stewardship goals. "It was our pleasure to work with T&P Farms, and we are very happy to support their greener path", says Conergy Project Developer on the project, David Vincent. "Now, T&P Farms avoids the emissions of greenhouse gases and increasing electrical prices. Their decision to go solar will not only benefit them but also the environment and the community around them", he added.

About Conergy

Conergy supplies complete solar energy solutions from a single source. As a leading PV Solution and Service Provider, Conergy offers its customers tailor made, worry-free, high-performance packages – be it for private or commercial roofs or for multi-megawatt installations. Along with supplying the "hardware" – all the necessary components for a solar plant – Conergy's complete solutions also include a full range of related solar services from architectural planning to yield insurance providing total piece of mind.

For its turnkey solar plants all around the world, Conergy's exacting standards apply. This is backed by a continuous quality assurance process which far exceeds the usual market standards and whose quality has been certified and confirmed by TV Rheinland. In the project's design and development phase, Conergy's experts manage the planning and financing; and after the plant has been constructed and commissioned they take care of monitoring, maintenance, operational management of the plant and offer comprehensive warranty services and insurance.

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