Innotech Solar showcases new DesignBlack module at Intersolar

A black solar module with particularly green credentials

Munich/Germany, April 24, 2013 – The Scandinavian-German solar module manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS) will be presenting its new photovoltaic module, DesignBlack, at Intersolar 2013. Dark polycrystalline solar cells, a black backsheet and a black frame give the module an extremely homogeneous surface, making it suitable for meeting high aesthetic standards. Thanks to a special production process Innotech Solar modules, which are all manufactured in one of Europe's most modern production plants in Sweden, are extremely environmental friendly .

"Our customers in Scandinavia in particular love stylish design. This prompted us to develop our new black module, which is exceptionally elegant in appearance," states Dr. Thomas Hillig, Vice President Module Sales & Marketing at Innotech Solar. "For many customers, the environmental friendliness of the modules is an important selection criterion, and our special manufacturing process gives Innotech Solar products an excellent carbon footprint."

The fact that Innotech Solar's modules consist of optimized solar cells means that the production process requires little energy: The company's in-house research teams have developed an innovative process that economically restores the performance of low-efficiency solar cells to their full capacity by using thermal imaging to detect low-performing cell areas and automatically isolating them with special lasers. The carbon footprint of ITS modules is more than 70 percent below that of conventional European modules. Also, the cell optimization sites in Halle an der Saale in Germany and Narvik in Norway are powered by green electricity from solar and hydropower plants. The company produces its modules in a fully automated process in a former REC solar factory in Glava, Sweden. Short transportation routes from the factories in Scandinavia and Germany to the main sales markets in Europe further improve the company's carbon footprint.

The new DesignBlack module is available with power ratings between 240 and 250 watts peak (Wp). Antireflective glass guarantees a higher yield, while an outstanding temperature coefficient of minus 0.38 percent per Kelvin ensures that the solar module retains its excellent level of performance even in high ambient temperatures, making it more suitable for use in warm countries than many other modules. The module boasts a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.

A multitude of tests by independent experts, such as Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin or PV Lab, have demonstrated the high performance, longevity and positive environmental impact of Innotech Solar modules.

DesignBlack module data sheet:

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About Innotech Solar
The Scandinavian-German company is an international supplier of PV modules. Innotech Solar is specialized in the production of environmentally-friendly modules with optimized solar cells and makes use of innovative processes developed by in-house research teams. The carbon footprint of ITS modules is up to 74 percent less than that of conventional PV modules. Solar modules are sold in Munich, California and Shanghai via local offices.

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