Hioki Launches New Photovoltaic Solar Power Measuring Instruments to Accurately Assess the Integrity of Solar Power Systems

Hioki E.E. Corporation releases the PV Power Verifier LR8400-92 and LR8400-93 for the photovoltaic solar power market.

Nagano, Japan May 08, 2013

Test and measurement equipment leader Hioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the PV Power Verifier LR8400-92 and LR8400-93.

Currently, the creation of feed-in tariff mechanisms worldwide is fueling growth in the installed base of photovoltaic solar power systems, and with it demand for products aiding in the maintenance and management of connected equipment. Hioki developed the LR8400-92 and LR8400-93 founded on the anticipated growth in demand for measuring instruments capable of assessing and verifying the amount of electricity generated by photovoltaic systems such as solar cells.

In addition to estimating optimal electricity generation for photovoltaic solar power systems, the PV Power Verifiers measure actual generation. By comparing expected power with actual power, energy auditors and maintenance technicians can assess whether solar power generating systems are operating properly. If an equipment failure is suspected, the instruments can also be used to pinpoint its location. Hioki test and measurement products simplify maintenance and management compared to what is possible with older instruments, dramatically increasing the level of convenience for customers.

The PV Power Verifier LR8400-92 includes a 200 A AC/DC clamp on current sensor, while the LR8400-93 includes a 2000A AC/DC clamp on current sensor.

Development Background

Globally, local authorities are implementing feed-in tariff mechanisms for renewable energy, which often require power companies to enter into electricity supply contracts with stipulated purchase prices and timeframes when so requested by renewable energy producers. Since companies and other entities that see the feed-in tariff mechanism as a business opportunity to enter into the renewable energy business, numerous new photovoltaic installations are being built.

Hioki developed the PV Power Verifiers LR8400-92 and LR8400-93 based on its projection of growing demand for measuring instruments capable of assessing whether photovoltaic solar power systems are producing the proper amount of electricity. Growth in the installed base of such systems is expected to bolster the need for maintenance and management products.

Product Architecture

The LR8400-92 and LR8400-93 use channels 1 and 2 to measure actual electricity generation and channels 3 and 4 to estimate optimal generation based on the following architecture:

*Channel 1: Differential probe, used to measure voltage
*Channel 2: Clamp sensor, used to measure current
*Channel 3: Pyranometer, used to measure solar irradiance
*Channel 4: Thermocouple, used to measure solar panel temperature

Hioki is in the process of patenting this approach to measuring photovoltaic solar power system performance, which is the first of its kind in the industry.

Key Features

*Easily assess whether photovoltaic systems are generating the proper amount of electricity
*Identify failed solar strings


*Maintenance of PV systems during manufacturing
*Electrical equipment maintenance
*Photovoltaic system installation and commissioning


About Hoiki
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