Clenergy to attend InterSolar Europe 2013 (Munich, Germany)

Clenergy will present its latest innovations, including the online 3D software tool PV-ezDesign, its PV-ezRack Mounting Systems and other IP-protected offerings.

Venus: ICM - Internationales Congress Center München

Exhibition: June 19-21, 2013
Conference: June 17-20, 2013
Clenergy Booth: Hall B3, Stand 150

Intersolar is the world's largest solar technology trade fair and the number one meeting point for the solar industry. Clenergy, the solar park solution provider, will present its latest innovations, including the online 3D software tool PV-ezDesign, its PV-ezRack Mounting Systems and other IP-protected offerings.

Catering to European market demand, Clenergy's comprehensive selection of PV-ezRack roof mount series for all types of building roofs will be a highlight of the Clenergy booth. Featuring safety, convenience and high efficiency, the PV-ezRack Mounting System helps clients improve installation efficiency and cut costs. The exhibited products have a range of distinct features:

PV-ezRack Trapezoidal
The TÜV accredited PV-ezRack Trapezoidal is a high-quality universal mounting system for trapezoidal sheet roofs. The system is quick and easy to mount and has a high load capacity.

PV-ezRack SolarRoof Pro
Versatile rails, splice kits and Z-module clips eliminate the need for on-site cutting, making PV-ezRack SolarRoof Pro a safe and cost effective PV mounting solution.

PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro
The non-penetrating system for commercial flat roofs has a clear lead in ease of maintenance.

PV-ezRack SolarTripod
The triangular design provides strong and sturdy pre-assembled support for solar panels. The system enables a large number of panels to be mounted on small roof surfaces.

PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B
The C-steel system is the company's new efficient and environment-friendly mounting solution for large-scale ground mount projects.

PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II
The pre-assembled system was developed for large-scale projects built on uneven terrain without a cement base.

These popular products have been widely applied in multiple PV power projects around the world. Successful cases studies include a 52 MW PV power station project in Jiayuguan, China, that utilizes the PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B, a 1.2 MW roof mount project at the UK's Alan Bartlett and Sons farm that employs the PV-ezRack Trapezoidal system, and a 1.2 MW PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro system mounted on the building roof of The Dependable Companies in Los Angeles, California.

Clenergy's successful appearance last year at InterSolar Europe and its rapidly growing number of partnerships and contacts give Clenergy full confidence that this year's event will be another successful step in its journey towards firmly establishing itself in Europe's PV markets.

Clenergy looks forward to meeting you in booth B3-150.

About Clenergy
Clenergy International ( is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture in the solar PV industry, with its headquarters in Xiamen, China, and branch offices in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. Clenergy provides high quality, versatile solar PV mounting products and solutions for commercial, residential and utility-scale customers. Its inverters and power electronics equipment are supplied with full technical and service support. Clenergy is an ISO 9001 accredited company and all of its products comply with international standards. It has been through the focus on quality, innovation and service that Clenergy have been able to achieve rapid growth and build a strong international reputation. Clenergy maintains long-term strategic partnerships with many leading companies in the solar PV industry, and through its partners, provides Clenergy products and solutions in more than 19 countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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