MECASOLAR presents horizontal tracker at the Solar Power Mexico conference

MECASOLAR is participating in the 2nd edition of the leading trade show of the solar power industry in Mexico, held today and tomorrow, 29 and 30 May, in Mexico DF, where the company will have its own stand.

• At the event, MECASOLAR wants to reach new deals and add more projects to those it already has in its Mexican portfolio for 2013. In addition, it expects to reach new agreements for the manufacture and delivery of solar trackers in Mexico.

• The horizontal single-axis tracker to be presented by MECASOLAR at Solar Power Mexico is characterised by its simple assembly. Its modular, low height structure does not require cranes or lifting equipment, thus saving time in the installation.

29 May 2013. MECASOLAR, a multinational company that designs, manufactures and supplies solar trackers, fixed structures for ground or roof-mounted installations and foundation screws for large solar PV installations, is participating today and tomorrow, 29 and 30 May, in Solar Power Mexico, held in Mexico DF. Solar Power Mexico is the leading event of the solar energy industry in the country.

The multinational company has its own stand in the 2nd edition of this trade show, where it will introduce its horizontal single-axis tracker. In addition, MECASOLAR wants to reach new deals and add more projects to those it already has in its Mexican portfolio for 2013.

To date, MECASOLAR has manufactured and delivered more than 343MW in solar trackers and structures to over 500 PV solar farms in more than 40 countries in all five continents. The company has manufacturing plants in Spain, Italy, Canada, USA and Greece. Leader in the solar power sector, it supplies all types of structures for PV installations, from horizontal or polar-aligned dual-axis trackers to fixed structures combined with Mecascrew, its self-developed foundation screw.

At Solar Power Mexico there will be meetings and conferences where experts in the field of solar power will talk about the new energy agenda in Mexico, the opportunities for renewable energy projects in the Mexican market, ‘lessons' on emerging markets, national and international funding sources for solar power projects, and other topics.

A tracker easy to install

The horizontal single-axis 144kWp tracker that MECASOLAR is presenting in Mexico is a modular, low height structure characterised by its simple assembly, which saves time in the installation, and is similar to fixed mount systems at comparable prices, with the advantage of increased output (depending on the installation's position).

Another remarkable aspect of the assembly on the field is that all the parts (beams, rails, etc.) are held together with fasteners and no welding is required, which saves time and reduces costs.

The tracker can have up to 12 axes moved by a single motor. This means that each horizontal tracker with a single motor can reach a power of 140kWp and a solar panel area of 960m2.

In addition, the fact that it can be installed with different types of foundations saves time in ground preparation too. The foundations that can be used include concrete footing on site, precast footing, Mecascrew foundation screws by MECASOLAR or any compatible foundation devices available on the market.

The simple modular design of the axes allows for perfect adaptability to different types of ground and dimensions. Besides, the system requires almost no maintenance, and consumption is very low.//


MECASOLAR specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of dual-axis and horizontal, azimuth or polar-aligned single-axis trackers, fixed structures and MECASCREW foundation screws for PV solar facilities.

The company has installed solar trackers and fixed structures in more than 500 projects in more than 40 countries, for a total power of over 343MW.//

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