Clean Energy Jobs/1st Quarter - Report: 12,000 Jobs Added at 50 New Companies and Projects

MORE THAN 12,000 CLEAN ENERGY, CLEAN TRANSPORTATION JOBS ANNOUNCED IN FIRST QUARTER 2013 Mass., Calif., Ind. N.C., Mich., Nev., Tex. Md., Hawaii, and Minn. lead country

WASHINGTON (June 4, 2013) - Companies and communities across the United

States announced more than 50 clean energy and clean transportation projects
in the first quarter of 2013 that could create as many as 12,000 jobs,
according to a report released today by Environmental Entrepreneurs.

"From energy efficiency projects to solar farms, the clean energy sector
remains strong in every part of the country," said Judith Albert, executive
director of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a nationwide network of
business leaders who advocate for policies that benefit both the economy and
the environment.

The full report is available at

The first-quarter job growth came despite attempts to repeal clean energy
standards in numerous states.

In North Carolina, for instance, clean energy critics tried unsuccessfully
to repeal the state's renewable energy standard, despite the fact that North
Carolina has been a national leader in clean energy and clean transportation
jobs. Threats from anti-clean energy groups to repeal job-creating renewable
energy standards continue in North Carolina and other states, however.
If these repeal efforts are successful, they could slow job growth, E2's
report suggests. In the first quarter of the year, nine of the top 10 states
for clean energy and clean transportation job announcements tracked by E2
have renewable energy standards on the books.

"The fact that nine out of the top 10 states in the report have renewable
portfolio standards is no accident," Albert said. "These policies are doing
exactly what they're supposed to do: Create jobs and create clean, renewable
energy that helps both our economy and our environment."

Massachusetts led the nation in the first quarter, after the state announced
a $400 million program to make 700 state buildings more energy efficient,
creating an estimated 4,100 jobs along the way. These building improvements
also are expected to save the state between $43 million to $250 million in
annual energy costs.

California was No. 2 with 12 announcements that could potentially create
2,808 jobs, followed by Indiana's three announcements that could create
1,690 jobs.

Rounding out the top 10 were North Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Texas,
Maryland, Hawaii, and Minnesota.

In addition to identifying the top 10 states, E2's report found:

. North Carolina's clean energy economy continues to grow. North Carolina
ranked in the top 10 in the overall state rankings for the fourth time. The
only other states to do this are Texas and California. One of the major
North Carolina announcements was a 100-megawatt solar farm in Duplin County
that could create as many as 400 jobs.

. Advanced vehicle manufacturing is creating job opportunities in Indiana.
With a $374 million investment from Chrysler, plants in the state are
expected to ramp up manufacturing for 8- and 9-speed, fuel-efficient

. The wind energy industry is showing resilience. After a steep drop off in
job announcements attributed to uncertainty over the extension of the wind
energy Production Tax Credit late in 2012, the industry is bouncing back,
with more than 1,400 wind energy jobs announced in early 2013.

. Solar leads power generation job announcements. More than 3,800 jobs were
announced in the solar power generation sector, higher than all other power
generation sectors combined (wind, biogas, and geothermal).

The report also highlights clean energy case studies from businesses located
in California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C.


Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is the independent business voice for the
environment. E2 is a national community of individual business leaders who
advocate for good environmental policy while building economic prosperity.
Learn more at

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