Renusol sets new record in PV mounting test

Renusol assembles modules in record time

Cologne, June 13, 2013 – The Cologne-based mounting systems manufacturer Renusol is the new record holder for mounting solar modules onto roofs. Armed with its MetaSole mounting system, Renusol took part in the mounting test set by the trade magazine "pv magazine" and finished with a mounting time of nine minutes and three seconds. Experts from the German Solar Energy Society (DGS) judged the mounting competition.

"Renusol required just over a minute to mount each module. I found the mounting system impressive because very few components are needed for installation. This allows for an extremely fast and uncomplicated mounting process," reports Eva Schubert, an expert from the German Solar Energy Society. "The short rails and clamps, which are as thin as possible, reduce costs and weight, especially during transportation." In addition, installers only require a few tools to fasten the modules onto roofs, eliminating the need for special tools and rivets.

During the test, eight of Centrosolar's crystalline modules with a total output of 2 kilowatt peaks (kWp) were installed onto a trapezoidal metal sheet roof using the MetaSole system. To date, the mounting system suppliers Schletter, Donauer Solartechnik, Creotecc and REM have taken part in the mounting competition alongside Renusol.

"When developing MetaSole, we wanted to make the mounting process as quick and efficient as possible. Given the current cost pressures prevalent in the photovoltaics industry, not only does the substructure have to be as cost-effective as possible, but it is also important to ensure the shortest possible mounting time and provide systems that are optimal for logistical purposes," explains Stefan Ast, Head of Marketing at Renusol GmbH, which is headquartered in Cologne and represented across Europe and the USA.

MetaSole is suitable for mounting current framed modules with a frame height of between 30 and 50 mm. The screw with a crowding tip makes pilot drilling unnecessary, resulting in extremely short mounting times. In addition to all of Renusol's mounting systems being certified by TV Rheinland, many of the company's mounting solutions have either already received technical approval or are on the verge of receiving approval from the Deutsche Institut fr Bautechnik (German Center of Competence in Civil Engineering – DIBt).

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About Renusol

Renusol GmbH has specialized in sophisticated solutions for installing photovoltaic systems since 1997. The company develops, manufactures and sells modular systems for the installation of both ground-mounted solar systems and systems for roofs of any kind. As a full subsidiary of Centrosolar Group AG, Renusol complements the overall portfolio of this one-stop supplier for photovoltaic systems, and its systems and additional services are represented in all the key markets in Europe and the USA. The company's headquarters are located in Cologne.

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