New power optimizers and inverters specially designed for optimization of commercial PV installations

Hod Hasharon, Israel, June 17, 2013. At Intersolar Europe 2013, SolarEdge Technologies is introducing new power optimizers and solar inverters for commercial scale PV systems. The new OP600 power optimizer enables the connection of two 60-cell modules to one power optimizer for even better LCOE with higher energy yield, reduced system cost and lower lifetime maintenance expenses. SolarEdge is also presenting new, high efficiency, commercial solar inverters in the range of 35kW to 50kW, which have been nominated for the Intersolar Award.

SolarEdge commercial inverters have achieved a maximum efficiency of 98.2%, and at only 90 kg, they are not only the most efficient but also the lightest inverters in their class. The commercial inverters are designed with film capacitors in order to achieve ultimate reliability.

"With two million power optimizers sold worldwide, and significant European sales growth, primarily in the residential market, our technology is established as the undisputed leader in residential distributed architecture in Europe," says Lior Handelsman, VP marketing and product strategy at SolarEdge. "Our new power optimizers and inverters now offer solutions specially designed for the commercial market bringing the advantages of power optimization to bigger installations in even more cost efficient ways."

StorEdge™ - SolarEdge optimized storage solution

With the increasing incentives for self-consumption of solar power, SolarEdge is presenting its new power storage solution StorEdge™. The StorEdge™ solution leverages the SolarEdge optimization technology that allows homeowners to increase energy harvesting and enables them to store the PV power locally and consume it according to their own energy usage needs throughout the day, regardless of PV power production times.

StorEdge™ includes a DC coupled charge controller and batteries operating at a fixed voltage and is controlled by the SolarEdge inverter which manages the various home energy usage profiles during the day. The fixed voltage StorEdge™ solution maximizes both inverter efficiency and battery lifetime and can be retrofitted on top of existing PV installations. StorEdge™ will be available in 2014.

Extracting more energy by retrofitting existing installations

SolarEdge is also presenting its OPI power optimizer which features the Intersolar award-winning IndOP™ technology that premiered at Intersolar Europe 2012. IndOP™ allows the OPI power optimizers to operate with any third party PV inverter without the need for interface hardware. This makes the OPI power optimizer the ideal choice for retrofitting on existing PV installations in order to enhance performance and energy yield.

SolarEdge at Intersolar Europe

SolarEdge will be presenting its products and services on June 19-21 at the Intersolar Europe trade fair in Hall B5, Stand 110.

About SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies provides end-to-end distributed solar power optimization and PV monitoring solutions, allowing maximum energy production for faster ROI. The SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPPT per individual module while monitoring the performance of each module. The high efficiency SolarEdge inverter is tailor-made to work with power optimizers. The SolarEdge system provides optimal power, flexible design and full roof utilization. Module-level electronics enable enhanced maintenance and increased system safety with the SafeDC™ mechanism. SolarEdge is online at

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