Algae International Group Announce Carbon Credit Initiative

Algae explores move into billion dollar carbon credit business.

Dallas Texas June 21, 2013

Algae International Group Inc. (OTCBB: ALGA) announced today a new initiative to explore and capitalize on the creation of carbon credits at their pioneering bio-fuels and feedstock plant in California. This initiative is based upon the volume of pure carbon dioxide consumed during the growth stages of the Algae to Bio Fuel process (termed InSym ™ for Industrial Symbiosis).

John Potter, President of Algae International Group Inc. recently engaged scientific expertise from equipment manufacturers and educational institutions to quantify and validate the consumption of the carbon dioxide by the growing algae, with an aim to engaging carbon credit certification and trade expertise to further enhance the balance sheet of the company.

Potter stated "As a public company, we are moving to the next stages of revenue in parallel. This includes the propagation of algae for oil and lipids, the creation of animal feed stock from the residual dry protein after oil extraction and the investigation of available carbon credits from the consumption of carbon dioxide which was hitherto simply pumped into the atmosphere."

"When we complete our scientific analysis, validating the potential volume and value of carbon credits available we will engage an experienced and respected firm with expertise in compiling, validating, registering and applying to the respective banks, brokers and trading platforms for the exchange of these credits for cash."

The basis is that these credits will be traded for cash and become a cash asset on the balance sheet, and thus should bolster investor confidence that as a company we will always carry significant assets which can then be used for future growth and expansion, mitigating any need to borrow in order to replicate this pioneering project on any or all of the many of other sites we have been approached by globally, on which to establish out algae to bio fuel system."

ALGA plans to be a leading company involved in the propagation of specific algae species, for the extraction of oils and other valuable lipids and products for a variety of industries ranging from bio-diesel and jet fuel, fuel additives, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and even cosmetics.

At the ALGA California plant the company has access to as much as one ton of pure carbon dioxide per hour which is used to accelerate the growth of the algae in its various stages such that a harvestable crop can be ready for oil and lipid extraction on an accelerated basis from inoculation of the core strain into the bio-reaction systems.

At the California location, a state of the art bio-digester harvests methane from bovine fecal waste which feeds four 300 KW fuel cells. These fuel cells in turn provide up to 2,000 pounds of 99.78% pure carbon dioxide gas per hour, as well as hydrogen, heat, electricity and oxygen as bi-products of their operation. Because of the readily available carbon dioxide from the fuel cells at the facility, ALGA's operations have the potential to harvest an unusually large crop of algae on an accelerated basis after initial inoculation and to process it into bio-fuel and a range of other products, including nutritional food pellets to add to animal feed cake.

There are multiple methods in development today for the growing of algae. Most are still on a small scale, and many are hampered by either the lack of available real estate for expansion or the lack of economically viable sources of carbon dioxide, phosphates and/or nitrates. ALGA believes the use of carbon credits seriously enhances its ability to obtain additional capital resources which will in turn accelerate access to internally generated capital for growth and diversification of the process to other locations.

Based upon their extensive discussions with leading universities and institutions regarding the algae opportunity, ALGA believes there is room for the development of multiple strains of algae and space for even more commercially viable opportunities funded in part by carbon credit recovery.

ALGA's focus remains on providing enhanced development opportunities at the lowest possible material cost, improved sales outcomes, and increased product ranges. ALGA expects that this synergistic approach will help in assuring that the USA leads the world in clean tech product development and creation, as well as bio fuel production while utilizing carbon credits as a cash vehicle to accelerate expansion.

ALGA envisions this carbon credit initiative as being one of the most advantageous programs of its kind for the development of capital. ALGA believes the program has the potential for regional economic stimulus as well, which in turn may attract an increasing number of visionary partners and investors who not only care about the economic future but also the ecological future of our planet.

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About Algae International Group Inc.
Algae International Group Inc. (ALGA) is a development stage renewable energy company that is seeking to develop Biofuel from Algae utilizing a Trademark process of "InSym" that combines; methane, CO2, fuel cells, nitrates, phosphates, sunlight and a specialized press to remove biomass and create HRD and HRJ fuel. For more info visit:

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