Free Hot Water Designs and Manufactures a New Off-Grid Solar Hot Water Systems for African Medical Clinics and Other Off Grid Applications

The Maya off-grid thermosyphon hot water system is designed with a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and a controller, which provide power to a 12 volt pump equipped with a demand switch that provides running water in an off grid setting.

Free Hot Water has introduced Maya, an off-grid solar hot water system designed and manufactured to meet the hot water and sanitation needs of off grid consumers. Recently, Free Hot Water delivered its first multi-unit order for the Maya system to numerous off grid medical clinics in Africa.

The Maya off-grid thermosyphon hot water system is designed with a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and a controller, which provide power to a 12 volt pump equipped with a demand switch that provides running water in an off grid setting.

Maya also features a standard, easy-to-clean strainer and a self-priming mechanism, providing water pressure of up to 40 ft of head, and maximum of 3 gallons per minute. Maya can also be equipped with an optional cold and hot water manifold, as well as a battery pack for night time operations.

The solar electric module on-board Maya is powerful enough to provide running water from early in the morning to late afternoon. In addition, the solar module can be connected to other 12 volt appliances, such as a refrigerator, lights, cell phone chargers, and more.

Maya is designed for off grid settings that have no electricity or have limited power supply through expensive gasoline or diesel-fueled generators. It's ideal for remote medical clinics that need running cold and hot water to be able to perform various medical and sanitization procedures without having to rely on sporadic, expensive and hard to maintain kerosene, oil, gas, or propane boiler systems.

Faced with this practical and economic need from one of its customers, Free Hot Water designed this unique off grid solar thermal system to be easy to assemble, yet also include a sophisticated solar PV-powered pump station that provides running hot water to the clinics.

"At Free Hot Water, we always look at the customer's challenge and ask ourselves how we can design the simplest, and most cost effective solution for them," said Gal Moyal, Free Hot Water's Chief Engineer. "For these clinics, we designed and manufactured an off-grid solar thermal system that met their budget and can be completely assembled and connected to in approximately one hour."

Having hot water is a crucial health benefit in the developing world. Waterborne diseases have been an issue throughout many African countries, especially in areas hit by flooding. Water related diseases are the leading cause of disease and death around the world, according to The World Health Organization. An assessment commissioned by the United Nations estimates that 4,000 children die each day as a result of diseases caused by ingestion of contaminated or unsanitary water. Other illnesses, such as dysentery, are caused by parasites that live in water contaminated by the feces of sick individuals.

The Free Hot Water Maya off-grid solar water heating system includes:

• 1 High Performance Solar Thermal Collector
• 76.5" X 41" X 3"
• Gross Area: 2.031 m2, 21.86 sf
• Net Aperture: 1.89 m2, 20.30 sf
• Thermal Output 1.26 Kw per hour
• Weight - 60 Lbs
• 10 Year Limited Warranty
• Certifications: SRCC OG 100
• SRCC Clear Day Daily BTUs: 21,500

• 1 Solar Storage Tank
• 150 liters, 40 gallons

• 1 Pump
• 12 VDC /40 ft head, self priming to 5'
• Pressure demand sensor

• 1 Controller
• Free Hot Water voltage converter allows a direct connection to the pump
• Enclosed in an outdoor National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) box

• Photovoltaic System
• 250 W/36 V Solar PV Panel

About Free Hot Water

Free Hot Water, based in San Jose, California, specializes in commercial solar engineering and procurement. Our in-house engineering department works with builders and contractors in the design and retrofit stage of the project and procure the appropriate products for each specific application; solar water heating, electric, lighting, and heat recovery systems for industrial applications, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, laundry facilities, car washes, municipal and government applications. We pride ourselves on assessing the project, and designing a system that will optimize production while dramatically reducing energy bills. Free Hot Water's extra-mile customer service can also include all documents necessary for permits and help to get you all applicable financial solar incentives.

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