New Variable-Intensity LED Lighting for Progress Solar/Wind™ and Progress Solar/Hybrid™ Light Towers Now Available

Progress Solar Solutions™, LLC the pioneers of towable Progress Solar™ Light Towers and LED lighting for portable light plants introduces another first with variable-intensity flood/spot lights for its Progress Solar/Wind™ Light Tower series and its New Progress Solar/Hybrid Light Tower series.

Apex, NC June 27, 2013

The New LED lights allow the operator to adjust light levels from Low-Medium-High with the flip of a switch to optimize light levels based on needs. This is a first for towable light towers of any type. The standard or medium setting fits the needs of the majority of applications but there may be times where more or less light is desirable, Progress Solar offers that option. In addition, unlike most LED lights, these custom, weather-proof (IP-66) LED light fixtures are designed specifically for our use to insure that they are durable for on/off road travel and provide brilliant white light in any environment from desert heat to arctic cold (clears frost and humidity) that frequently cause problems in other LED light fixtures. LED lights are more vibration resistant (no filament) and typically last 5-10x longer than metal halide light fixtures on diesel light towers.

Progress solar offers the largest selection of portable outdoor lighting systems powered by solar and wind power. The company celebrated its fourth consecutive year of significant growth in 2012 and has again expanded its manufacturing capabilities. Progress Solar is a preferred or approved vendor for most of the top U.S. Equipment Rental Companies and distributes in many other countries outside of the USA. The Progress Solar and Solar/Wind Light Towers are made in the U.S. (patents pending) and resemble a traditional towable diesel light tower, but are designed to operate on renewable energy eliminating or minimizing the use of fossil fuels or generation of carbon emissions. The light plants can be powered a number of ways. They are powered primarily by two on-board solar power generators and an optional wind generator housed above the LED flood lights. The large battery bank stores numerous days of lighting (now up to 60 hours run time without solar) to cover inclimate weather days, and as a back-up, can always be charged via an on-board, dual-bank AC power charger if ever needed.

The Progress Solar Series of Light Towers are rugged, mobile, outdoor lighting systems that provide high-intensity, bright white lighting on-demand, where and when you need it. It is equipped with high power generating Solar Modules housed on automated solar wings that can be optimally positioned toward the sun to maximize solar energy gain; an optional wind turbine at the top of the telescoping mast; four (4) or more solid-state LED flood lights with high lumen output; and a long-life Power Module with AGM, no maintenance, sealed, deep-cycle batteries to store energy for use when needed at night or during inclimate weather. The light tower is fully adjustable from 12-30ft in height, lights can be individually tilted up/down and the mast can be rotated to direct the light exactly where it is needed. The solid-state LED flood lights provide a tremendous amount of light, minimize power requirements; provide instant-on/off with no flickering; are extremely reliable, vibration and shatter resistant; and designed to provide up to 5x longer run time between bulb changes than metal halide lights. The Solar/Light Control Module protects the system from over/under charging and the lights can be turned on/off automatically from a timer, at user-programmable time intervals or manually on-demand. The system is on a portable trailer customized for maximum functionality and convenience and can be easily towed to its destination.

About Progress Solar SolutionsTM LLC
Progress Solar Solutions, LLC is a located in Apex, NC and specializes in providing high-performance, eco-friendly and cost-effective portable solar, solar/wind and solar/hybrid lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, government and institutional applications. For more information, call (919) 363-3738 or visit

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