Three New Solar-Log® Monitoring Systems to be Introduced at Intersolar North America

Bethel, CT-Solar Data Systems, Inc. has introduced three new models of the Solar-Log® monitoring system at Intersolar North America, July 9-11 in San Francisco, booth 8239.

The new Solar-Log® models come with a state-of-the-art LCD display that allows installers to see the current operating status during both installation and operation. The Solar-Log® 1200 and Solar-Log® 2000 also come with a new color touchscreen that displays all of the important plant performance data. The Solar-Log® 300 and 1200 include a USB port for automatic data backups and to simplify the firmware updates so that the owner/administrator always has the latest features and enhancements. The Solar-Log 2000 includes three RS485/422 ports for maximum connection flexibility. An important change in the three new models is that the number of inverters no longer defines the Solar-Log® product line. Instead they are divided by plant sizes in KW, which allows for more flexibility in the planning phase.

The three new Solar-Log® models, the Solar-Log 300, Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 will replace the current Solar-Log® monitoring systems including the 200, 500 and 1000 models.

Solar-Log 300: An all-round solution for residential plants

The Solar-Log 300 monitors plants with a maximum total power of 15 KW, regardless of the number of inverters. This new model can connect to several inverters from the same inverter manufacturer and presents operation status and configuration via the LCD display. The controlled use of self-generated pv power feature is included as well. Optional features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, PM+, PM+/GPRS remote control function and power meter.

Solar-Log 1200: A mid-range solution for large residential and commercial pv plants

The Solar-Log 1200 monitors plants with up to 100 KW and includes two integrated displays: a large 4.3" TFT color touch screen and a smaller LCD display for status messages. Having these displays built into the model allows for the plant owner or administrator to view all of the information, such as plant performance, power consumption, and the share of self-generated pv power directly on the logger, without a PC. The high-resolution color display has a wide viewing angle making it convenient to read while mounted on a wall. The integrated relay of the Solar-Log 1200 can be used to switch on and off power devices such as heat pumps and electrical appliances, which enables the controlled consumption of self-generated pv power. Optional features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, PM+, and PM+/GPRS remote control function.

Solar-Log 2000: A high-end solution for large commercial and utility scale pv power plants

The Solar-Log 2000 monitors large commercial and utility scale pv power plants. This new high performance logger can monitor a maximum plant size of 2 MW and up to 100 inverters. With its master/slave technology, a total of 10 Solar-Log 2000 devices can be daisy-chained, extending the maximum plant size even further. The Solar-Log 2000 includes three RS485/422 interfaces for maximum connection flexibility. This means that it can be connected to inverters from up to three different manufacturers, string combiner boxes, power meters and irradiation sensors. The Solar-Log 2000 shares all of the innovative functions offered in the rest of the Solar-Log® product family, such as color touchscreen, LCD status display, and additional connectivity options for CAN bus and alarm contact. Optional features include GPRS, PM+, and PM+/GPRS remote control function.

About Solar Data Systems, Inc.
Solar Data Systems, Inc. is the maker of Solar-Log®, a web-enabled monitoring system for photovoltaic plants. Based in Bethel, Connecticut, Solar Data Systems, Inc. not only helps plant owners to increase visibility of production and conditions of the pv system, but also supports installers and renewable finance companies to drive down costs through early detection of problems, making plant supervision easier. Solar-Log® currently monitors an ever growing number of 190,000 plants globally, amounting to over 5.7 GW of output. Solar Data Systems, Inc. is a division of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, which is headquartered in Binsdorf, Germany.

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