MAGE SOLAR and YellowLite Complete Largest Residential Solar PV Installation in Ohio

59.5 kW PV system allows Columbus resident to live net zero, promote technology

Dublin (Georgia), July 23, 2013. – MAGE SOLAR, a turn-key provider of optimally coordinated PV-system solutions, and YellowLite Inc, a solar panel design and installation company serving the entire Midwest, recently completed the installation of a 59.5 kW solar array.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the PV system is comprised of 238 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 250 W modules on several ground mounts and is the largest residential solar array in the state of Ohio to date. Dr. Marvyn Samuel, the system owner and a strong solar advocate, wanted to eliminate his power bill entirely with clean, renewable energy in order to do what he could to reduce his carbon footprint.

"The system has produced above our expectations already," states Dr. Samuel, a prominent long-time resident of the Columbus, Ohio, area. "In fact, it takes complete care of all our energy needs, including our electric cars. Solar works so well, that I am thinking about expanding the system—it's just a wonderful feeling to have the sun produce your electricity."

NABCEP-certified solar installer YellowLite Inc. designed and installed the solar system which is expected to generate over 66,000 kWh of clean energy annually. This amount will offset 79,200 lbs of harmful CO2-emissions while producing the energy value of $7330 in the first year alone. Excess energy is fed back into the grid and AEP Ohio reimburses Dr. Samuel for the clean, renewable power. Since MAGE SOLAR ensures an industry-leading 30 year 80% power output guarantee, Dr. Samuel can be assured that his investment is producing zero-emission energy for more than a generation to come.

Azam Kazmi, CEO of YellowLite comments: "The sales staff and the engineering department at Mage Solar were very helpful to us during the installation process. The utility company AEP Ohio worked right along with us to connect the system. Dr. Samuel was very patient as we worked through the tough winter to finish this incredible install. This system will give Dr. Samuel energy independency for years to come."

Although most home owners will opt for a system the size of 5 to 8 kW, the residential market has been experiencing a tremendous boom recently. As panel and installation costs have decreased sharply, solar systems have become a viable energy solution for many Americans. Powering more than 1.3 million homes currently, the residential market has grown 53% in the first quarter this year (compared to Q1/2012), establishing solar as the fastest growing energy sector in the nation and employing a record number of workers, currently more than 119,000.

"This impressive installation has been beautifully executed by YellowLite and we are thrilled to be part of such an ambitious project," said Joe Thomas, CEO and President of MAGE SOLAR USA. "The bold statement a residential installation of this size makes about the validity of solar PV is inspiring. We would like to thank Dr. Samuel for making his home the site of solar history for the state of Ohio."

Dr. Samuel's 59.5 kW installation is the largest residential solar array in the state. Aside from energy savings from his clean energy plant, Dr. Samuel wanted to make a statement about the reliability and efficiency of solar PV technology. © YellowLite

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MAGE SOLAR USA, headquartered in Dublin, Georgia, specializes in complete solar systems and provides high-quality photovoltaic modules, intelligent mounting systems and high-performance brand inverters. As a subsidiary of the international MAGE GROUP, it uses the Group's 40 years of know-how to develop optimally coordinated system solutions. A competent partner network guarantees profitable solar energy systems for customers throughout the Americas and in 21 more countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

YellowLite Inc was born as a premier solar panel design and installation company with the vision to focus on the customer while striving for the highest quality. Based out of Cleveland, OH, YellowLite has expanded to both residential and commercial markets, currently serving the Midwest region including Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and New York. YellowLite's NABCEP certified installers are committed to excellence in the design and installation of renewable energy systems and to educating customers on ways to reduce their consumption and use energy more efficiently.

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