X3 Energy "Transformer" Aims to Provide Clean, Green Energy to Military

The X3 is a portable power station, capable of providing both solar and wind power on battery reserves.

BARAGA, MI - July 25th, 2013 - Immediate power. Anywhere in the world. Van Straten Brothers Inc. is turning heads with the third generation of their flagship X3 Energy product, likened to "Transformers" science fiction robots for the way the system opens up from a conventional ISO shipping container. The X3 is a portable power station, capable of providing both solar and wind power on battery reserves. The unit also boasts a diesel generator backup, and it is capable of being transported via train, truck, ship, cargo plane, and transport helicopter. With a 60 Amp, 240 Volt, 14.4 KiloWatt inverter, it is capable of powering substantial operations. Brothers George and Peter Van Straten manufacture the unit at their HUBZone Certified fabrication shop (#36199). George's wife Jill owns and operates Van Straten Enterprises, a WOSB which houses sales and custom design for the X3 and a number of other renewable energy and electrical products.

On July 20th, the company was given the opportunity to showcase the product at Camp Grayling's 100th Anniversary Celebration. George stated, "(Camp Grayling) was an important opportunity for us to show off the X3 to top military officials, key energy policy decision-makers, political figures, and the general public. Our team made the most of the event, and we made a great impact on everyone who visited the unit." The opportunity gave George an opportunity to show off the unique, patented features designed by him and his team of mechanical and electrical engineers. These include self-deploying hydraulic outriggers and a hydraulically deployed turbine boom, a quick change pallet system for the batteries and the generator for easy field service, and a "Smart Control" system designed to automatically start the diesel generator for continuous power, even when renewables aren't available.

Recent green power initiatives and commitments by the armed forces aim to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for energy security reasons and the high cost of fuel transport to forward operations. Reports say the fully burdened cost of fuel is $400 per gallon or more to transport and protect fuel to dangerous remote locations1, not including the number of lives lost in the transport of energy to key operations locations. The reduced need to transport fuel to inhospitable locations and the rapid deployment system that allows the "Transformer" to be completely operational immediately on arrival means the X3 fits the military's needs on the front lines unlike any product before it. "On top of the astronomical costs to transport fuel, our troops are risking their lives every day to ensure that power gets to the front lines. The X3 could eliminate many of these operational risks and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels at the same time," explains George.

The brothers are also looking ahead to disaster relief organizations like FEMA, the FAA, international aid organizations like the Red Cross, the Department of Homeland Security, the United Nations, as well as commercial applications in telecommunications, construction, mining, water purification, and any other operation that would warrant a generator as a source of either prime or backup power. "People are surprised to hear that a product like this came out of the Upper Peninsula, but we have a very innovative and resourceful mindset. The success of this project would have a huge impact on Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, and the Keweenaw, in particular. We're talking manufacturing jobs, engineering positions, and a full staff on the business team. These are high-skill, high-paying positions that would have a huge impact on the communities around us. We're very positive about the future of X3 Energy."

The X-3 is fully customizable per customer specifications, with a full staff of engineers prepared to meet any power generation needs. Visit www.x3energy.net or call our business development team at (906) 523-7131 for more information.

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