ICCNexergy Achieves Qualification to Conduct UL 2054 Rechargeable Battery Testing in Its Wholly-Owned, State of the Art Design Center Located in Guangzhou, China

The addition of the UL2054 Witness Test Data Program capability enables ICCNexergy to expedite product developments.

WESTCHESTER, Ill., July 30, 2013 -- ICCNexergy, Inc.

(www.iccnexergy.com), a global leader in the design and manufacture of
rechargeable power systems announced it has achieved qualification for the
UL2054 Witness Test Data Program allowing ICCNexergy to conduct UL testing
in its wholly-owned, state-of-the-art Design Center located in Guangzhou,
China. This certification allows ICCNexergy to build on its foundation of
developing and manufacturing the highest-quality products by adding in-house
qualification and certification capabilities to comply with the evolving
international standards that technology device markets require.

"We are proud to announce this added value and service capability to our
global solution delivery footprint," said Michael Davis, ICCNexergy's VP of
Marketing and Sales. "We find our customers are under increasing pressure to
shorten product development timelines.
This new capability allows us to directly control and manage the agency
qualification portion of rechargeable battery developments."

With turnkey design, qualification, and manufacturing capabilities from
three wholly owned factories and a dedicated design center, ICCNexergy
offers rechargeable power systems including rechargeable batteries, battery
chargers, and power supplies to a wide array of technology device
industries. The addition of the UL2054 Witness Test Data Program capability
enables ICCNexergy to expedite product developments. Added Davis, "We
continue to develop capabilities that enable our customers to turn the
entire rechargeable power system development over to us.
Our focus is in helping our customers build better end products, speed
products to market, and create a superior return on investment in product

About ICCNexergy, Inc.

ICCNexergy, Inc. is a privately held global developer and manufacturer of
innovative power solutions. With more than 45 years of operational
excellence, the company continues to lead the industry with expertise in
designing and manufacturing custom rechargeable power systems
including: Lithium-ion battery packs, battery chargers, docking stations,
and highly efficient power supplies. Its partners include major OEMs in the
medical, data server/storage, Prosumer electronics, safety/security, data
acquisition, and military/aerospace industries.

ICCNexergy owns and operates three state of the art production facilities
strategically positioned to provide cost effective, high volume production.
With approximately 310,000 square feet of wholly owned manufacturing space
and a full suite of in-house design, tooling, and test capabilities,
ICCNexergy is capable of managing complex programs from design through
production around the world. Each facility is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485
certified and produces products that are EISA, ROHS, and CEC compliant.

ICCNexergy is part of the Inverness Graham Investments portfolio of

About Inverness Graham Investments

Inverness Graham is an operationally focused, lower middle market private
investment firm headquartered in suburban Philadelphia.
Inverness acquires high growth, innovative manufacturing and service
companies. The firm has over $250M of assets under management and was
founded by senior executives of the Graham Group of industrial businesses.

For more information, please visit www.invernessgraham.com.

For information on the expanding ICCNexergy portfolio and medical computer
cart solutions, please visit www.iccnexergy.com.

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