SolarOne Solutions and Scotia™ Sun Mast Set Sail in North America

ScotiaLight and SolarOne Solutions, Inc. complete a commercial agreement for the introduction of Scotia Sun Mast PV Clad light pole into the US Market

8/13/2013 Needham, MA - SolarOne Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Memo of Understanding with ScotiaLight ApS. Under this agreement, SolarOne will promote, sell and aid in the development of the Scotia™ Sun Mast PV Clad lighting poles in North America.

Scotia/SolarOne Demonstration Installation in Milan Italy

Though designers and clients love the idea of solar lighting, some really want an alternative that minimizes the visibility of solar panels. The Scotia™ Sun Mast PV Clad lighting pole will offer new choice while still delivering on SolarOne's commitment to "never leave you in the dark."

SolarOne will start with the introduction of the stand-alone Sun Mast 480 lighting system in North America. Based on market research by both firms, additional products will soon be added.

The Sun Mast™ 480WP features 480 watts of vertically integrated IEC solar panels surrounding a 29 foot square pole. Because they are significantly more efficient per square inch than flexible panels (wrapped), crystalline panels allow the Sun Mast to deliver more power than previous concepts for a solar integrated pole. Combined with the efficiency and control of SolarOne's SO-Bright® Technology, the system becomes a viable solution for a wide range of lighting applications across North America.

Moneer Azzam, President and CEO of SolarOne, commented, "We are excited to be working with Scotia, their focus on aesthetics, structure and innovation combine beautifully with our SO-Bight® Technology and deep system knowledge to bring the best possible Solar Lighting System to our customers."

Scotia's Founder and Chairman Steven Scott added "This is an exciting day for ScotiaLight. To be able to introduce the Sun Mast into the US market is a giant step for the company and meets our vision of micro energy generation and management in a country that has pioneered new technologies"

The Scotia™ Sun Mast offers some additional benefits. The vertical position of the panels allows them to easily shed debris, dust sand and snow, which is especially helpful in areas with little rain or a lot of snow.

The new "GlowLines" option (LED accent lighting) offers a unique way for towns, resorts, businesses or any entity with roadway, parking lot or pavilion lighting to distinguish itself with virtually any color of light. These marker lights integrated into the Sun Mast can designate different areas of a business district, provide way finding for tourists, mark an evacuation route or simply build brand identity for towns and universities.

On-grid Installation Bella Center site in Copenhagen

The capabilities of the Scotia™ Sun Mast are, like all solar lighting, dependent on the location of the project. In most areas of the USA, a wide range of luminaires ranging from 30-60 watts can be supported for reliable stand-alone lighting projects.

Expect to see the Scotia™ Sun Mast with SolarOne's SO-Bright® Technology soon on pathways, residential streets, parking lots and bike paths.


SolarOne Solutions, Inc. ("SolarOne") is the leader in commercial-scale solar-powered LED lighting systems. The company combines highly efficient LED lamps, with its patented SO-Bright® technology, to provide performance and reliability at levels comparable to commercial grid-connected lighting. With systems operating in a wide range of environmental conditions since 2004, SolarOne established itself as the first to develop and deploy solar powered area lighting systems using white LED technology. Today, SolarOne and its SO-Bright® Technology is the choice of many well-established municipalities and institutions including the City of Toronto, the City of Los Angeles, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. SolarOne's systems are deployed across the United States as well as in international locations including Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Nigeria. SolarOne with its SO-Bright® Technology has also been chosen as the solar lighting partner for several major lighting and shelter companies and has representation across North America and the UAE. The company is venture-backed and based in Needham, Massachusetts.


ScotiaLight is the leading manufacturer of solar street poles in which the photo-voltaic panels are vertically integrated into the pole itself - the product known as Scotia™ Sun Mast.

Major advantages of Scotia™ Sun Mast are:

*Reduced maintenance: the vertically integrated PV panels accumulate negligible quantities of dust, sand or snow in comparison with horizontal panels and require much less frequent cleaning.

*Open System: Scotia™ Sun Mast can be combined with all common high quality LED light fittings as well as with other infrastructure applications such as CCTV and signage.

*Brilliant design possibilities: together with high-end design lamp heads, ScotiaTM Sun Mast can be used for exacting architectural projects, while on the same site being combined with technically optimized lamp heads for specific demands.

Scotia™ Sun Mast can be the best selection for projects with diverse infrastructure needs.

ScotiaLight, founded in Copenhagen by Steven Scott, who continues to be the Design Director, is 85% owned by its core management. Being truly an internationally oriented, pan-European company, ScotiaLight operates from its offices and design studio in Copenhagen as well as from its further hubs in Milan for Engineering & Production and Vienna for Marketing & Sales.

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