TRA Snow and Sun offers a new improved website that focuses on ease of use and product information

TRA Snow and Sun, Inc. is pleased to announce a new website aimed to help contractors, engineers, architects and homeowners find products and information they are looking with new filter capabilities like roof type, construction type, or material type.

American Fork, UT, September 5, 2013 TRA Snow and Sun, Inc., manufacturer of solar mounting, roof snow retention, and ventilation and rolled flashing products, has just rolled out a new website focusing on making it easy for a contractor, architect or owner to find the exact product for their needs in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Shelby Evans, Marketing Manager and key designer of the new site, explains why the site has been rebuilt, "We realize how many people use the internet as their educational, social and shopping choice. Since we offer so many products and so much information, we wanted to make it easier for them to find all of it. I am really proud of the clean, compact, and uncluttered look." The new website at is the result of that focus.

The first thing a visitor sees on the new site is a slideshow of their products on several projects and highlights about them. Many more visuals are available for all product lines as each have their own gallery page.

There is two times more relevant information with specialized filters enabling the visitor to find what he or she needs based on their specific project. Shelby explains, "If you have an asphalt shingle roof and you want snow retention for that roof, within a few clicks you are at a page that provides you with each product that will work on an asphalt shingle roof. On each product page there is an overview and picture of the product with options right on that page to view what fasteners are required, how to install it, downloads (specifications, data sheets, CAD details), and some even have installation videos."

Architects and designers should find the new site particularly useful to them. "We know that, especially in a tough economy like we have been experiencing, designers must make exceptionally good use of their time. We've responded to architects' requests to make things easy and time-saving for them by providing a page specifically for Architects and well as a page to download Product Data Sheets, Specifications and CAD Drawings." Evans points out, however, that no site is ever completely done as new products are added, modifications are made, new specifications and CAD details are added to the website. She considers it always a work in progress. In fact you can give website feedback at any time by visiting

Another aspect that TRA Snow and Sun is constantly building is their video library. "Some people are more visual than others so we've created videos and animations for them." On the homepage alone there are four videos - "Why TRA," "Snow Retention," "Engineering," and "Solar Mounting." Animated clips of how to install products are available on some product pages with plans to provide them on all products in the future.

One thing that Evans wants customers to come away with more than anything else is getting the information they need, whether it's a great deal or just a little. Some people want to do a lot on their computer. Others not so much. But either way, the new site will help them. Evans states "Both solar mounting and snow retention tabs offer a checklist for the customer to fill out online so we can help them with our FREE engineering and design service . If someone wants to take advantage of this but is working on their project at 3 in the morning they can fill in their project information right then and we'll get started on their design the next business day. No need to wait for us!"

TRA Snow and Sun hopes to see the website continue to expand with more product information and tools to help customers understand why engineering is key behind any system.

TRA Snow and Sun, Inc., located in American Fork, Utah, offers Roof Snow Retention Devices, Solar Racking Systems and Roof Ventilation and Flashing Solutions. They provide all customers, from the individual homeowner to the big developer, free engineered designs for all their systems. For more information call Shelby Evans at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980 or visit

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