Solaire Generation Celebrates Commissioning of Two Innovative Solar Parking Canopy Projects

At Konterra Realty Group in Laurel, Maryland and Craft Inc. in Attleboro, Massachusetts

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2013 -- Solaire Generation, the nationally recognized market leader for innovative and cost competitive solar parking solutions, recently celebrated the commissioning of two groundbreaking commercial installations, at Konterra Realty Group in Laurel, Maryland and Craft Inc. in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Solaire was chosen by project developer Standard Solar to design, fabricate and install the 402-kW parking lot canopy system at Konterra's Maryland headquarters. The solar parking structures support 1,368 photovoltaic panels that will produce enough renewable energy to cover 20 percent of the site's electricity needs.

The solar canopies, combined with a lithium-ion battery storage system provided by Solar Grid Storage, create Maryland's first commercial micro-grid. In the event of a grid shutdown, the system is designed to provide immediate emergency backup power from the batteries and to allow ongoing solar electricity production for the property.

"Solaire is honored to be part of such a unique project that demonstrates solar energy can be a backup source of power when combined with storage," CEO Laurence Mackler said. "I'm proud to say solar has become a viable solution for resiliency."

At the Konterra dedication, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley praised the innovative project for advancing the state closer to its clean energy goals as well as for its positive economic impact. FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff also spoke.

Separately, Craft Inc. and US Solar Works unveiled a 71-kW Solaire Long Span 360 canopy at Craft's manufacturing facility in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The new carport covers 5,230 square feet with one contiguous structure that seamlessly integrates with newly installed solar on the building's rooftop and awnings. The entire 310-kW system is anticipated to provide nearly 100% of the site's electricity.

"We are excited to see Solaire's custom-designed Long Span 360 carport serving as a complement to Craft's other installations," Mr. Mackler said. "The project shows how a host can expand PV capacity by using solar canopies to convert some of their parking lot into a renewable energy producing power plant after rooftop space has been maximized."

Solaire developed the patent-pending Long Span 360 as a solution to efficiently maximize any parking lot's solar production. The customizable structure can be installed up to 110' wide to cover two rows of parallel parking and the internal drive aisle. Like Solaire's other patented canopies, it is available as a single or dual-incline canopy with an optional water management system.

This week Solaire Generation will be in Chicago to exhibit its full line of solar parking solutions and unveil its new Solaire Power Park at Booth 3108 at Solar Power International 2013.

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