Innovative new inverter comes with Wi-Fi ⃰ and lifetime free monitoring included.

Portage, Ind. (October 23, 2013) – Fronius USA introduces the brand new Fronius Galvo – the first inverter in the new Fronius suite of inverters available in the United States. The Fronius Galvo is the first Wi-Fi* enabled, super lightweight residential inverter that disrupts the residential solar market by providing a list of features never before seen in the solar industry.

With the revolutionary Fronius SnapINverter hinge mounting system which allows for a single person install in record time, it is no wonder that installers are demanding the Fronius Galvo more than any other string inverter currently available. The Fronius Galvo with SuperFlex provides a wide voltage window allowing for incredible flexibility in string design. The industry-leading Fronius Service Program allows full service in under 15 minutes by one installer with one truck roll.

System owners are amazed by the attractive new low-profile design, integrated Wi-Fi* with included, free-of charge, Fronius SolarWeb monitoring portal and Fronius smart phone apps, the touch sensitive and informative display, and its quiet high performance.

The Fronius Galvo inverter with SuperFlex offers great configuration flexibility, which makes it ideal for private homes, small PV systems, and customers looking to keep energy consumption from moving into the next bracket in tiered billing environments.

"The flexible capabilities of the Fronius Galvo make it an ideal fit for PV systems in the United States, and all over the world," said Thomas Enzendorfer, Director of Marketing and Sales, Fronius USA. "Fronius USA's commitment to PV installers, distributors and integrators starts with quality and continues with the Fronius Galvo, a lasting solution focused on stabilizing the solar industry marketplace by targeting lower power categories."

Integrated Wi-Fi and lifetime system monitoring.

The Fronius Galvo is one of the first inverters to offer a standard built-in Wi-Fi* interface. If no cable is to be installed or if cable installation is not possible, then the system data can be uploaded via Wi-Fi* to the Fronius Solar.web server and its smartphone apps. Fronius Solar.web lets users monitor, compare and analyze data generated by any Fronius solar inverter with an electronic data logger, so adjustments can be made before they affect PV system energy yield.

Smart grid compatibility

As the industry leader, Fronius is providing advanced grid features that will become standard requirements in the near future. The Fronius Galvo supports various functions for controlling real and reactive power, allowing more PV systems to be integrated with the grid. For example, voltage and frequency-dependent power manipulation in periods of grid overload will prevent the Fronius Galvo from switching off, relieving stress on the grid and safeguarding inverter energy yield. Modbus control of these functions facilitates integration into utility communications systems. The Fronius Galvo already satisfies the requirements that will likely be placed on PV systems in the future.

Innovative SnapINverter hinged mounting system

Innovative product features such as the SnapINverter hinged mounting system make installing and servicing the Fronius Galvo easy, which helps a PV installer or integrator better manage costs. The integrated DC disconnect makes the Fronius Galvo one of the safest and user-friendly inverters on the market, as it locks the inverter to the mounting bracket during operation to avoid removing the inverter under load.

*Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance

About Fronius USA Solar Electronics Division

Fronius USA, LLC is the North American sales, support and distribution center for Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Wels, Austria. Specializing in energy conversion technologies, with separate divisions for Solar Electronics, Welding Technology and Battery Charging Systems, Fronius International GmbH has more than 65 years of experience and employs more than 3,000 people globally. For more information, visit

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