Launch of a new partnership between Coenergia S.r.l. and Innotech Solar

The Italian distributor Coenergia S.r.l. adds solar modules of the Scandinavian-German module manufacturer Innotech Solar AS (ITS) to its product portfolio.

Munich/Germany, Mantua/Italy, October 29, 2013 –

Coenergia Srl is one of the main Italian players in the pv industry and will offer the full range of Innotech Solar modules from now on. "With modules from Innotech Solar we can broaden our product range with a high quality product that will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. High quality is the most important criteria to be included into our portfolio. Next to this aspect we welcome that ITS modules have an outstanding carbon footprint which meets perfectly our eco-friendly energy philosophy," reports Giulio Arletti, CEO at Coenergia S.r.l. "For Coenergia the collaboration with ITS is an evidence of growth and stability, as well as affirmation of trust and mutual respect. From the viewpoint of the market, this is an important choice in the long-term."

"We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Coenergia. It is important for us to work internationally with reliable partners who place enormous value on high-quality products and also represent our green philosophy," states Jerry Stokes, CEO at Innotech Solar. "Furthermore our European production means we are able to be extremely responsive offering distributors such as Coenergia short production lead-times."

ITS modules are made using optimized high-performance cells. Following cell optimization additional quality control takes place in the form of individual cell thermal imaging, a step which ensures only the highest performing and most reliable cells are used in ITS modules. It is as a result of this process that ITS modules have been free from hot spots since production began in 2009. The environmentally friendly production process reduces their carbon footprint by around 70 percent in comparison with modules using conventional cells. Alongside ITS modules' innovative manufacturing process, the use of renewable energy at the company's production sites in Sweden and Germany as well as the short transport routes improve the company's environmental footprint. Significant tests by independent experts, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin and PV Lab, have demonstrated the high performance, durability and positive environmental impact of Innotech Solar's European modules.

About Innotech Solar

The Scandinavian-German company manufactures solar modules in Europe and sells them worldwide. Innotech Solar specializes in the production of particularly environmentally friendly modules with optimized solar cells and uses innovative processes developed by in-house research teams to do so.

Innotech Solar optimizes solar cells in Halle an der Saale, Germany, and manufactures its modules in a former REC solar factory in Glava, Sweden, which thanks to its fully automated production lines is one of Europe's most modern manufacturing plants. The production process is powered at both sites using 100 percent renewable energy.

About Coenergia

Coenergia S.r.l., based in Mantua in Italy, was founded in July 2007 following the issue of the second decree "Conto Energia". The aim from the very outset was to create a company providing the new Italian photovoltaic market with products and services specifically dedicated to designers, installers and system integrators. Coenergia is now working with leading manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic technologies completing its product portfolio with its own production of mounting systems and the inclusion of components for being able to provide both grid-connected photovoltaic systems and complete stand-alone systems.

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