V3Solar Produces World's First AC Generator Fueled by Sunlight

"A New Spin on Solar" creates more power in less space at less cost, while using 97% less PV and producing direct AC power (no inverter required).

Talent, OR November 05, 2013

No gasoline, no pulling the crank, no inverter – and the only fuel is sunlight. By putting PV in motion, V3Solar not only solves the heat issue from concentrated solar, it also produces direct AC power – no inverter required. More like an engine than a flat, static panel, this innovation puts "a new spin on solar" and takes the world one step closer to independence from fossil fuels.

By removing the inverter, V3Solar not only saves on the cost of that device, but also on the power loss in the conversion from DC to AC. To connect to the electrical grid (and take advantage of net metering) the AC power needs further conditioning. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions.

You can't run out and buy one quite yet – they are shooting for Q4, 2014 – but investors are already lining up. The company is currently doing a "crowdfunding" campaign where accredited investors can get equity for as little as $5,000 (over $1,000,000 has been pledged).

Since the company plans to license their technology, rather than manufacture it themselves, they don't need to raise the $10's of millions normally required for a new technology. This strategy also reduces the risk, gives a faster return to investors and creates cooperative partners rather than jealous competitors.

Solar is a $100B subset of the $6 trillion energy market – the largest market in the world. For this innovative company, the future looks bright.

The breakthrough is explained in this informative and entertaining 3 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVnaHsJucdY.

The technical details are in this 7 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ogD_kHPciY.

About V3Solar

The company began in Australia and now is located in LA with R&D in Talent, Oregon. With over 30 years of bringing technology to commercialization, Michael Neistat is the CEO, and Chris LaDue, with over 60 patents to his name, is the genius behind the technology. Company bios.

The focus of V3Solar is to redesign the entire value chain – lowering the cost/Wp, slashing installation costs, and eliminating unnecessary equipment – so solar can finally compete with fossil fuels on price without subsidies. The Company's IP covers every device that spins PV under light concentration. For more information, go to http://www.V3Solar.com.

Supplemental Information on V3Solar:

V3Solar's mission is to invent and commercialize innovative solar technology.

V3Solar's Intellectual Property covers every product with PV that spins under concentrated light to produce power. This creates a wide competitive moat to create additional products for decades into the future. These products will be distributed through strategic partnerships with selected manufacturers and value-added resellers in the largest market in the world – energy. Due to its cost savings, V3Solar will quickly penetrate both the industrial and developing markets with its simple value proposition.

By working with strategic partners, rather than trying to control the entire value chain, V3Solar will get to market faster, with less capital and a faster return for stakeholders. The management has used this strategy successfully in the past.

Michael Neistat, V3Solar's CEO, is an accomplished and seasoned veteran of technology companies, having taken numerous new technologies and ideas over the past 30 years from start-up through to commercialization and profitability, with many culminating in successful public listings on exchanges in the USA, Australia and UK and/or strategic trade sales.

He founded Skai Computer Systems Pty Ltd in 1983, which he successfully managed until 1999 when he negotiated the sale of Skai to a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. At that time he became CEO for the Group and was instrumental in the listing of one of its subsidiaries on the American Stock Exchange and the ongoing planning and implementation of business and investment strategies. Michael was appointed to the board of a London Stock Exchange listed company in 2002 where he was actively involved in the planning and implementation of the restructuring of the company, its assets, including the sale of property in the UK and its re-listing onto the LSE AIM Board.

Chris La Due is an internationally recognized inventor with over 60 registered patents, many of which have been commercially developed and successfully deployed. Chris' areas of expertise include theoretical and applied physics, telecommunications, symbolic structures in human and machine language constructs, fractal communication logic, system self-adaptation and continuum electro-mechanical systems.

His patents contain hundreds of inventions that relate to communication systems, electro-mechanical protocols and systems, virtual communication network solutions, satellite and terrestrial telecommunications technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality systems.

Chris La Due always looks to nature for his creative inspiration. Though his concepts often challenge conventional thinking, he is anathema to theory. His philosophy is, "If it doesn't work, it doesn't sell, and it doesn't matter."

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