Nextronex Inc. Celebrates Partnership with Toledo Museum of Art in Solar Initiatives

The Toledo Museum of Art is one of only a few museums in the nation – and the only one in Ohio – to execute such progressive green energy initiatives.

November 13, 2013 - This October Jay Troger, CEO and  Rudy Magasrevy, P.E. and VP of Sales Development, of Nextronex Energy Systems, were pleased to attend the Toledo of Chamber Commerce Coffee and Connecting event at the Toledo Museum of Art. Carol Bintz, Chief Operating Officer for the Toledo Museum of Art, outlined the many green efforts that the museum has implemented over the last several years. Nextronex Energy Systems, LLC has proudly partnered with the museum for their 100kW rooftop solar project. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of only a few museums in the nation – and the only one in Ohio – to execute such progressive green energy initiatives.

In 2008, when the museum was considering a solar endeavor, Nextronex's flexible inverter system was selected for the rooftop application. The museum had to carefully consider how to marry the architecture of the 101-year old building with the modern design of green energy. The reliability and superior performance of Nextronex's inverter system, as well as the capability to be a low profile unit made it the clear choice when the museum considered solar power. The rooftop solar panel project was completed in two phases. First, 1450 panels were mounted to the roof of the main Museum building in 2008 followed by more than 1400 panels in the spring of 2011.

For the first time in May 2013, the museum made history by using zero energy from the electrical grid, thanks to all the efficiency and renewable generation initiatives. The museum stopped drawing power from the electrical grid on that particular day and has had many zero energy use days since them. At that time, Ms. Bintz stated, "It takes a variety of ideas and a willingness to take risks to embrace and incorporate these technologies." Nextronex's CEO, Jay Troger recently declared, "We are proud to be part of the museum's success and look forward to supporting other public institutions as they see the potential and benefit in going solar."

Nextronex is committed to customer service and continues to make improvements to their product line. With the 100% up time guarantee and a minimum standard 10-year warranty on all products, Nextronex is positioned to continue its reputation of being on the cutting edge of all green energy initiatives. Nextronex welcomes the opportunity for continued partnerships with those embracing green technologies.
About Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art is a nonprofit arts institution funded through individual donations, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and investments. The Ohio Arts Council helps fund programs at the Toledo Museum of Art through a sustainability grant program that encourages economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. Glass Pavilion® and Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion® are registered service marks. Website:

About Nextronex

Nextronex, Inc. is a manufacturer of commercial and utility scale proprietary solar inverter systems for applications 150kW and larger. The company is focused on solar energy optimization through its patented distributed inverter architecture design for 1,000 V DC solar array configurations and up to 35,000 V AC grid connect. Nextronex has installed 22 solar projects totaling over 22MW. For more information about Nextronex, please visit their website at

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