Solar FlexRack Welcomes New EVP Sales and Marketing

Integrated solar company Solar FlexRack rounds out their team with new hire Steve Daniel.

November, 2013

Integrated solar company Solar FlexRack recently announced the appointment of Steve Daniel to the position of EVP of Sales and Marketing.

Daniel comes to Solar FlexRack with more than 25 years of top performance in sales in Solar and high technology companies. Beginning his career as an Industrial Engineer with Digital Corporation, Daniel has enjoyed increasing responsibilities in companies such as Sun Microsystems, BEA, and Silicon Graphics. Daniel's recent positions at Akeena Solar and Centro Solar in California have prepared him to lead significant growth at Solar FlexRack.

"I am thrilled to become part of the executive team at Solar FlexRack. Our innovative products, large installed base in North America and excellent reputation in the industry position us as a major force in the burgeoning solar market," states Daniel.

Solar FlexRack is committed to designing, producing, and distributing the most cost and time efficient solar panel mounting systems to Developers and EPCs in the industry. Two of Solar FlexRack's new products improve the balance of systems cost and labor savings for ground and roof mounted solar projects, saving engineers, contractors, and project managers time and money. The company can be found online at

Excited to have Daniel on board as EVP of Sales and Marketing, Solar FlexRack is continuing to improve its leadership in utility scale ground mount engineering, customer satisfaction, and overall brand presence. Daniel's addition to the team will allow Solar FlexRack to improve their positioning, marketing communications, and overall standards. His leadership and experience have already spurred momentum in revitalizing Solar FlexRack's image and marketing strategies, and the team is excited to continue building toward a new level of excellence.

"We have a great team here at Solar FlexRack, and we're excited to make it even stronger. With Steve on board, we are prepared for our new direction, and are eager to unveil our latest products with a revitalized strategy," states Tom Meola, CEO.

Daniel has a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has participated in continuing education at the Harvard Extension School in Cambridge, MA.

About Solar FlexRack

Solar FlexRack is an integrated solar company that provides photovoltaic mounting solutions for project managers, engineers, and distributors in the utility scale solar mounting industry. All their products are specifically engineered to reduce the price per watt of solar projects while simultaneously maintaining a positive impact on Balance of System Costs. Unique designs, all-steel frameworks, full certification, and rigorous testing allow Solar FlexRack to be one of the most prominent and trusted companies in the solar mounting industry.

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