$3billion USD investment into the third round of South Africa's renewable energy program

The South African renewable energy programme has been bolstered with $3billion USD of clean energy projects in the most recent round of the SA competitive bidding process. As a result the country is billed as 2014's most exciting onshore wind market.

With approximately 2,000MW of onshore capacity due online by 2017 and 22 projects in the pipeline, SA is one of the fastest growing onshore industries in the world. As with any emerging market, working in the space does not come without its hurdles. The SA government want the competitive bidding process, otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) to bring trade into the country whilst establishing long term jobs for SA people. These aims mean strict regulatory requirements to adhere to, such as high local content requirements that have increased from 25% - 45% begging the question, ‘how do you satisfy local content requirements whilst remaining cost effective?'

It is for this reason that Wind Energy Summit South Africa, the world's first commercially dedicated SA wind forum, is coming to Cape Town. Providing opinions from the most innovative companies, viewpoints from the key decision makers at government, regulator and utility levels and lessons learned from developers and EPCs leading the most successful projects in rounds 1-2.

Victoria Auckland, Projects Director of Wind Energy Update, creators of the summit said, "We are very excited to bring together the leading international and local decision makers to tackle the most pressing topics through pioneering discussion panels and engaging debates. If you want to rub shoulders with and learn from the best of the South African industry then this is an event you cannot afford to miss."

With participation from industry's leading figures such as; The Department of Environmental Affairs, Eskom, Enel Green Power, Red Cap, Nedbank Capital, Siemens and DCD Towers the event offers key features such as:
- Enel Green Power & Red Cap on competitive pricing as new players join the market
- Standard Bank & Nedbank Capital speaking on creating a financially attractive project
- Debate with Eskom & NERSA's key decision makers on creating a grid connectivity and risk absorbance
- High level panel hosted by REEEP exploring social economic empowerment issues

To get more information on Wind Energy Summit South Africa and the topics covered, download the brochure here: http://goo.gl/T9oZVa

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