SunModo Partners with Community Solar Solutions for Go Solar Campaign

SunModo Corp., an innovative racking solutions provider for solar power systems, is proud to partner with Community Solar Solutions (CSS) on Go Solar South Kitsap, bringing solar power to homes and businesses in Washington.

Vancouver, Washington December 31, 2013

SunModo Corp., an innovative racking solutions provider for solar power systems, is proud to partner with Community Solar Solutions (CSS) on Go Solar South Kitsap, bringing solar power to homes and businesses in Washington.

The Go Solar South Kitsap is a campaign of CSS' Go Solar Washington initiative, the aim of which is to support the local economy, create green jobs, and address climate change by educating the public about solar energy, and making it more convenient for those who wish to go solar.

"SunModo is committed to investing our time, expertise and resources to build healthy, economically vibrant and clean-powered communities. We are excited to partner with Community Solar Solutions to make the campaign a great success." said Stella Sun, Director of Marketing for SunModo.

SunModo will donate the racking systems to Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County, for the first phase of its Harris Court Project in Port Orchard. SunModo's Ez Roof Mount and Ez Helio residential pitched roof solution will be used in the campaign. The roof mount solution will support an easy and fast installation process and helps to bring solar power to low-income homeowners.

"SunModo is an excellent partner to have." said Joe Deets, President of Community Solar Solutions. "For not only do they produce an outstanding solar racking system, they fully understand the need to support educating the public about clean energy solutions, and helping those for whom having a solar energy system will be most beneficial. Because they will be tapping into the free energy of the Sun, people in the Harris Court Project will not only be able to afford to purchase their home from Habitat for Humanity, they will be able to afford to stay in their home. This couldn't have happened without SunModo."

About Sunmodo, Corp.:
SunModo, a Washington based solar panel mounting company, was formed with the mission of providing the best value solar racking and mounting solutions for solar power systems. Founded by highly skilled engineers, SunModo has quickly become known as a high quality provider of cost effective solar mounting products and its products are known for their quality, ease of installation, and affordability. For more information, visit

About Community Solar Solutions:
Community Solar Solutions is a subsidiary of the non-profit organization Community Energy Solutions. Its Go Solar Washington initiative has led to the installation of over one hundred fifty solar electric systems, comprising nearly eight hundred kilowatts of installed capacity, on homes and businesses in Washington State. For details, please visit

About Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County:
Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County strives to eliminate substandard housing in Kitsap County, Washington State. Along with community members, Habitat for Humanity builds decent and affordable housing in partnership with people who are living in inadequate housing and who are unable to secure adequate housing by conventional means. Habitat selects homeowner-partners based on their need for adequate shelter, their ability to pay for the Habitat home, and their willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat does not discriminate in the selection of homeowner-partners on the basis of race, creed, gender, disability, ethnic background, or any other characteristic by law. For details, please visit

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