Solar Biz Helps Floating Doctors Bring Electricity to the indigenous community of Valle Escondido, Panama.

Solar Biz is pleased to announce involvement with the Floating Doctors in bringing electricity to the indigenous community of Valle Escondido, Panama. The Floating Doctors chose Valle Escondido to assist in efforts to bring telecommunications and electricity.

GLENWOOD, N.M., Jan. 6, 2014 -- Solar Biz, a leading international authority on solar energy, is pleased to announce involvement with the Floating Doctors in bringing electricity to the indigenous community of Valle Escondido on Isla Cristobal, Panama. Floating Doctors, a non-profit organization, chose Valle Escondido to assist in efforts to bring cellphone communications and electricity. After visiting Valle Escondido, Floating Doctors member Noah Haas and Peace Corp members championed the project that would ultimately bring a cellular network, power, and rechargers necessary for the cellphone network to properly function. Along with Solar Biz and Floating Doctors, Wilson Electronics and The Solar Biz partner Trojan Batteries helped with the efforts by donating necessary equipment.

The community of Valle Escondido is located in north western Panama and is part of the Bocas del Toro Provence. For the most part Valle Escondido and the greater Bocas del Toro Provence are rural, relying heavily upon water transportation. Sanitation is limited and water filtration and treatment facilities are needed in most communities. The work offered by Solar Biz and Floating Doctors will have a major impact upon Valle Escondido. The work and equipment given by Solar Biz and Floating Doctors is a major push to increase the standards of medical services in the area and beyond.

The Solar Biz was founded by Tom Duffy over 44 years ago. Tom directly assisted in the Valle Escondido project. Since the time Tom began with solar products, The Solar Biz has grown beyond the initial visions of Tom to include everything needed to start complete self-sustaining solar energy production and use. Tom Duffy is passionate and adamant about solar energy and helping different companies know what is needed to make a conversion to solar energy focusing not on what is cheapest, but what is the right system for their different clients' needs.

The Floating Doctors mission is to help treat and reduce medical maladies of third world and developing countries. Their goals include providing free healthcare and to deliver much needed supplies, education, medications, nutritional information, and water solutions to communities in need. Their mission is accomplished through using the best available communication systems, donated supplies, and volunteers.

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