Alpha Install Adds Solar Array to its Building in Pittsboro, NC

Alpha Install improves facility with HVAC improvements, interior updates, a planned electric vehicle charging station and the rooftop mounted solar panels that will change the energy performance of the building.

Pittsboro, NC January 13, 2014

Two years ago Alpha Install made the choice to relocate its operations to Pittsboro. The company purchased the old Chevy dealership on Highway 15-501 and proceeded to work with Mayor Randy Voller, the Town of Pittsboro, the Chatham County Economic Development Corp., and the NC Rural Center to create jobs and enhance the empty property utilizing a reuse grant. Citizens have noticed a lot of activity and the new facade, but perhaps were unaware of the HVAC improvements, interior updates, a planned electric vehicle charging station and the rooftop mounted solar panels that will change the energy performance of the building.

When asked about the improvements, Alpha Install's CEO Keith McRae commented: "As business leaders, we have the opportunity to cast our eyes forward and pursue initiatives supporting sustainability and renewables [energy resources]. As entrepreneurs, careful planning can yield an acceptable return on investment for distributed generation systems. I applaud the foresight of government leaders such as Mayor Voller, who was instrumental in encouraging our pursuit of PV Solar. Our roof-mounted solar will generate the majority of the energy our facility needs, and we can offer electric vehicle charging with energy mostly derived from our sun."

The solar project was aided in part by CMH Energy and its owner Chris Hinkle, who worked closely monitoring the project and advising Alpha Install. The system includes six strings containing hundreds of roof mounted photovoltaic panels, with combiners and inverters housed in the building.

Outgoing Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller said that "he was proud that Alpha Install had moved to Pittsboro and become a part of the community." In addition Voller commented that "the enhancement of the building's energy performance was in line with the long term sustainability goals for the community" and that he "looked forward to seeing a line of electric vehicles utilizing the Alpha Install charging station, which would be fueled substantially by the PV panels on the roof."

"This is a project that shows the value of smart public/private partnerships," Voller added "and I anticipate that the Town and County will work together in the future on similar initiatives."

Keith McRae, CEO
Alpha Install LLC

About Alpha Install:

Alpha Install manages the installation of M2M communications and technology equipment onsite into client's vehicle fleets and fixed remote locations. Alpha Install excels at managing the services for a complete deployment: pre-sales equipment validation, scheduling logistics, on-site installations, and lead-out testing. The company follows process driven methodologies that delivers consistency, quality, and high customer retention. Alpha's teams have successfully completed tens of thousands of install sites over the past decade.

Alpha Install LLC provides installation services nationwide to value-added resellers, manufacturers and wireless carriers. While Alpha Install are deployment specialists able to manage or assist with complex large scale mobile up-fit and mobile digital video deployments, Alpha Install also bring a greater breadth of partnership to our resellers beyond onsite installations. Alpha Install designs and fabricates custom mounting equipment, creates deployment journals and maintenance guides, and offers pre-kitted custom installation bundles for customer based installs. Alpha Install builds custom turn-key weatherproof NEMA enclosures for M2M communications, solar powered wireless communication nodes, and turn-key drop-in wireless surveillance units.

For more information, please visit, or contact Alpha Install's Vice President of National Services, Joseph Goss, at jgoss(at)alphainstall(dot)com.

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