Meteodyn launches meteodyn WT RG, the new CFD Wind Resource Grid Generator!

Nantes, France – January 9 2014 - meteodyn WT RG provides with a wind resource grid file(.wrg file) intended for your wind farm design tool.

meteodyn WT RG is based on the MIGAL structured solver, the unique Fully Coupled Multi-Grid solver of the wind energy market. Specially designed to solve Navier-Stokes equations in complex terrains, its performance and accuracy are very famous and have already contributed to the great success of meteodyn WT.

Meteodyn, software company with expertise in Meteorology, Statistics and Fluid Mechanics, already editing the meteodyn WT software suite used for the optimization of AEP and wind farm layout, has announced the launch of meteodyn WT RG solution.

Didier Delaunay, President of Meteodyn, said, "From engineering to operations, we bring solutions to the wind energy community. With the CFD technology inside meteodyn WT, used worldwide by wind energy key players, we help to assess and optimize wind farms AEP. With meteodyn Forecast, we combine statistical and physical models to predict the wind energy production and to optimize wind farm O&M. meteodyn WT RG fills a gap for users wishing to use their own Forecast or Wind design tools"

Daniel Dias De Oliveira, Sales and Marketing Director of Meteodyn, said, "Our meteodyn WT software is recognized by the market for it robustness, fast computation and accuracy on any type of terrains. We have addressed part of our customers' needs first with meteodyn WT stand-alone version, then with meteodyn WT Client Server version for large companies. With meteodyn WT RG, our goal is to democratize CFD usage for any wind resource assessment bankable report."

Céline Bezault, Product Manager of meteodyn WT, said, "meteodyn WT is well known for its user friendly interface with a 3 steps process and an automatic meshing and solving. Many companies are still using linear models for several reasons: they want to leverage their standard procedures, CFD software is expensive and engineers are not CFD experts. Thanks to meteodyn WT RG, engineers can import CFD wind resource grid results instead of linear ones in their regular software and keep their standard process. meteodyn WT RG keeps the same ease of use and does not require advanced CFD expertise. Annual licences and an attractive price will allow wind resource assessment community to use CFD for their WRA studies."

About Meteodyn
For 10 years Meteodyn has been the leading expert in wind engineering, CFD software and climatology. Meteodyn develops wind simulation software and provides a large range of consulting services including
wind resource assessment, wind production forecast, wind atlas generation, power production assessment, site suitability analysis, wind farm layout design and site optimization.

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